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Big Data has Cracking Effect on Production

Published: 2 August 2017

Dr Savas Konur is using big data intelligence on a cracker biscuit manufacturers product lines to improve quality.

Dr Savas Konur, lecturer in Computer Science, is working with Rakusens Ltd, a Leeds based cracker biscuit manufacturer on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) that will transform specialist knowledge in Big Data, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and AI into an intelligent manufacturing dashboard, which models production, ingredient and supply chain components to produce consistent quality food products efficiently. 

The company can experience variations in product quality, taste and texture.  Although product lines are technically identical, switching products between lines creates inconsistencies making it impossible to have a flexible planning process that allows the company to reach its ‘real’ capacity opportunity.

Dr Konur is an active researcher with over 50 published articles and an interest in computational modelling and analysis, software verification and testing, machine learning and data mining as well as engineering and life science applications e.g. autonomous systems, ubiquitous systems, real-time systems, safety-critical systems, systems and synthetic biology. 

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