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Dr Adrian Evans

PositionPost-doctoral Research Fellow
LocationK19, Richmond building
DepartmentSchool of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences
Telephone+44 (0) 1274 233557
Blog AddressVisit my blog

Research Interests (key words only)

Early human occupation of Britain, palaeolithic archaeology, stone tool use, development of social organisation


  • Evans, A. A., Macdonald, D. A., Giusca, C. L., & Leach, R. K. (in review). New Method Development in Quantitative Lithic Microwear Research: Evaluating Use Duration and Data Analysis Protocols. Submitted to the journal Wear
  • Evans, A. A. (2012). Poisons in the Palaeolithic? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. doi/10.1073/pnas.1213860109
  • Baumgartner, A., Sampol-Lopez, M., Cemeli E., Schmid, T. E. Evans, A. A., Donahue, R. E., Anderson, D. (2012). Genotoxicity Assessment of Birch-Bark Tar—A Most Versatile Prehistoric Adhesive. Advances in Anthropology 2(2). In press
  • Maxwell, M. L., Evans, A. A., & Edwards H. G. M. (2012). Matter Reality: The Use of Scientific Method for Interpreting the Materialities of an Iron Age Antler Drum. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 27
  • Stemp, W. J. Evans, A. A. & Lerner, H. J. (2012). Reaping the Rewards: The Potential of Well Designed Methodology, A Comment on Vardi et al. (Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (2010) 1716-1724) and Goodale et al. (Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (2010) 1192-1201). Journal of Archaeological Science 39: 1901-1904
  • Evans, A. A., McDonnald, D. (2011). Using Metrology in Early Prehistoric Stone Tool Research: Further Work and a Brief Instrumental Comparison. Scanning 33: 294-303
  • Donahue, R. E. & Evans, A. A. (2011). Lithic Microwear Analysis. In Jackson R. and Miller D. Wellington Quarry, Herefordshire (1986-96). Investigations of a landscape in the Lower Lugg Valley. Oxbow Books, Oxford: pp87-92
  • Donahue, R. E. & Evans, A. A. (2011). Microwear Analysis of the Stone tool Assemblage. In: Gamble, C.G. and Boismier, W.A. (eds) Neanderthals amongst Mammoths: Excavations at Lynford Quarry, Norfolk. English Heritage
  • Evans, A. A., Langer, J. L., Donahue, R. E., Wolframm, Y. B. & Lovis, W. A. (2010). Lithic raw material sourcing and the assessment of Mesolithic landscape organization and mobility strategies in northern England. Holocene 20: 1157-1163
  • Melton, N., Montgomery, J., Knusel, C. J., Batt, C., Needham, S. , Parker Pearson, M., Sheridan, A., Heron, C., Horsley, T., Schmidt, A., Evans, A., Carter, E., Edwards, H., Hargreaves, M., Janaway, R., Lynnerup, N., Northover, P., O'Connor, S., Ogden, A., Taylor, T., Wastling, V. & Wilson, A. (2010). Gristhorpe Man: an Early Bronze Age log-coffin burial scientifically defined. Antiquity 84: 796-815
  • Donahue, R. E. & Evans, A. A. (2009) Microwear Analysis of Lithic Artefacts. In M. G. Beamish, Island Visits: Neolithic and Bronze Age Activity on the Trent Valley Floor. Excavations at Egginton and Willington, Derbyshire, 1998-1999. The Derbyshire Archaeological Journal 129: 17-172
  • Parfitt, S., Snelling, A., Evans, A. A. & Jacobi, R. (2008). Recent findings of lithic artefacts at Pakefield. Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History 41:489-496
  • Evans, A. A. & Donahue, R. E. (2008). Laser scanning confocal microscopy: a potential technique for the study of lithic microwear. Journal of Archaeological Science 35: 2223-2230
  • Evans, A. A., Y. B. Wolframm, R. E. Donahue & W. A. Lovis 2007. A pilot study of "black chert" sourcing and implications for assessing hunter-gatherer mobility strategies in northern England. Journal of Archaeological Science 34: 2161-2169
  • Evans, A. A. & R. E. Donahue 2005. The elemental chemistry of lithic microwear: an experiment. Journal of Archaeological Science 32: 1733-1740

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