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Dr Miriam Wittmann

PositionHonorary Senior Lecturer, Centre for Skin Sciences
DepartmentSchool of Chemistry and Bioscience
RKT CentreCentre for Skin Sciences

Research Interests (key words only)

Inflammatory Skin Disease; Dermatology; Lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, eczema

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Involved in medical immunology teaching, University of Leeds

Administrative Responsibilities

Current Laboratory Personnel

Current laboratory research is performed in Leeds, Faculty of Medicine and Health

Study History

MD, Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf, Germany, 1999

Professional Activities


Clinical Dermatologist with CSS, School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Bradford 


Society Membership:

-       German Society of Immunology

-       British Society of Immunology

-       Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Forschung (ADF)

-       Deutscher Hochschulverband

-       EUSCLE (European Society of Cutaneous Lupus erythematosus)

-       GRAPPA (Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis)

-       UK DCTN (UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network)


Research Areas

Cytokines and their (soluble) receptors act in a complex network which makes it difficult to predict the outcome of blocking a single component. The most suitable mediator to target may differ between individual patients and disease stages. A number of novel therapies have recently been developed for psoriasis, which target a specific cytokine or its receptor but we clearly need deeper knowledge to truly individualise therapy so each patients receives the treatment which is most efficient for his/her disease subtype (= precision medicine approach). Our work aims to gain even better insight into the skin cytokine network in inflammatory skin conditions and to identify how to select the best treatment approach.

We work towards a better understanding on how the body’s own “regulatory” capacity can be activated. 

Current Projects


1)    The role of IL-1 family in psoriatic inflammation

Collaboration: Martin Stacey, Dennis McGonagle, Philip Helliwell, Mark Goodfield,

Current funding: BSF, MRC

2)    Endothelial Cells in psoriatic inflammation

Collaboration: Anne Graham, Dimitris Lagos, Martin Stacey

Current funding: UoB PhD studentship (Project Lead: Anne Graham)

3)    Diagnostic tools for a stratified medicine approaches of inflammatory skin diseases

Collaboration: Martin Stacey, Mark Goodfield, Philip Laws,

Funding: I-CRP (Pfizer)

Cutaneous Lupus

1)    Scarring outcome in Cutaneous lupus erythematosus.

Collaboration: Ed Vital (Leeds), Mark Goodfield (Leeds), Natalia Botchkareva (Bradford)

Current funding: Lupus UK;

2)    MRC stratified medicine MASTERPLANS F Visit website


RNA Aptamers as therapeutic tools in chronic inflammatory skin diseases

Collaboration: Nic Stonehouse

Funding: under application



1)    Hand Eczema

Chief Investigator, ALPHA study. F Visit ALPHA website 

Funding: NIHR HTA

2)    Infection & Eczema

Collaboration: Alex O’Neill

Funding: University of Leeds (110 Studentship scheme in Infection, Inflammation and Immunity)



An automated list of my publications appear on Sympletic

In the News/Media

Dr Wittman featured on BBC Look North describing the work of the ALPHA study on hand eczema.

Click here to go to the film

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