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Dr Steve Shnyder

PositionSenior Lecturer in Tumour Biology
DepartmentInstitute of Cancer Therapeutics
Telephone+ 44(0) 1274 235898

Research Interests (key words only)

Development of 3Rs methodologies; the mechanics of cell migration; natural products as a source of anti-cancer agents; characterisation of the reticuloplasmins as anticancer drug targets; pharmacology of vascular disrupting agents

PhD Supervision

Current Students

  • Yabalu Abacha. ‘Investigation of the anti-cancer activity of African ethno-medicinal plant extracts’. Self-funded with C Wright (PS)
  • Mario Izidro. ‘Dual CXCR4/CCR7 antagonists for the treatment of cancer’. Self-funded with K Afarinkia and V Vinader
  • Ghasaq Khashtl. ‘Identification of MT1-MMP, MT2-MMP and MT3-MMP in breast cancer’. Self-funded with C Sutton and P Loadman
  • Nosheen Hussain. ‘Towards refinement of measuring surface tumours and surface lesions in small animals’. Self-funded with H Ugail (PS)
  • Amal Elsharif. ‘Investigation of novel integrin antagonists in models of prostate cancer’. Libyan Government Studentship with H Sheldrake and L Patterson
  • Mario Ortega-Duran. ‘Development of Drug-Resistant Sublines for Colon Cancer’. Institute of Life Sciences Research Studentship with C Sutton (PS)
  • Rene Ankrah. ‘MT-MMP expression in Head and Neck Cancer for Prodrug Development’. Yorkshire Cancer Research Studentship with P Loadman and R Falconer
  • Djev Ahmet. ‘Targeting cancer stem-like cells for treatment of glioma’. Yorkshire Cancer Research Studentship with K Afarinkia and V Vinader

Completed students

  • Hamza Abumansour. ‘Pharmacoproteomic profiling of anti-cancer drugs in mouse and human’. Self-funded with C Sutton
  • Rida Saeed. ‘PST/STX-mediated Polysialic acid as a target in metastatic cancer’. Self-funded with R Falconer (PS). Completed 2016
  • Mohaned Ahmed. ‘Role of CCR7 in cancer metastasis’. Libyan Government Studentship with K Afarinkia and V Vinader. Completed 2016
  • Hanadi Ahmedah. ‘Studies on the expression and inhibition of αv, β5, and α5 containing integrins in cancers’. Saudi Arabia Government Studentship with Helen Sheldrake and Laurence Patterson. Completed 2015
  • Manar Saleh Zraikat. ‘Development of in vitro models of invasion for pharmacological investigation of small molecule inhibitors of tumour progression’. Jordanian Government Studentship (PS) with Helen Sheldrake, Roger Phillips and Laurence Patterson. Completed 2015
  • Abdulaziz Bin Saeedan. ‘Evaluation of the role of MMP-10 in cancer development’. Saudi Arabia Government Studentship (PS) with Jason Gill, Paul Loadman and Laurence Patterson. Completed 2015
  • Fatemah Al-Shammari. ‘An immunohistopathological and functional investigation of β3 integrin antagonism as a therapeutic strategy in cancer’. Kuwait Government Studentship (PS) with Helen Sheldrake and Laurence Patterson.Completed 2013
  • Yousef Al-Saraireh. ‘Pharmacological evaluation of the inhibition of polysialyltransferases as a therapeutic strategy in cancer’. Jordanian Government Studentship (PS) with Rob Falconer. Completed 2012
  • Alice O’Farrell. ‘Development of in vivo tumour models for non-invasive proof-of-principle investigation of novel therapeutic agents.’ CRUK studentship with Mike Bibby and Jason Gill. Completed 2011

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

MSc Cancer Pharmacology

Module leader for ‘Preclinical models for drug evaluation’ (common module with MSc Safety Pharmacology and MSc in Cancer Drug Discovery).

Lecturer on:

  • Preclinical models for drug evaluation
  • Research and analytical methods in pharmacology
  • Experimental design
  • Critical appraisal (all common with MSc Drug Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology and MSc in Cancer Drug Discovery) and ‘Cancer pharmacology’ modules

Research project supervision

MSc in Drug Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology

Lecturer on ‘Toxicology and safety pharmacology’ and ‘Molecular mechanisms of toxicology’ modules

Research project supervision

MSc in Cancer Drug Discovery

Lecturer on ‘Principles of drug discovery’ module.

Home Office Personal (Animal) Licence Training Course Modules 1-3

Course administrator and trainer.

BSc in Biomedical Sciences yr 3 – Cancer Biology Option

  • Research project supervision
  • Lecturer on course

BEng in Medical Engineering Foundation Year

Lecturer on course

Administrative Responsibilities


Study History

PhD (London), MPhil (Bradford), BSc Hons (Bradford)

Professional Activities

  • British Association of Cancer Research (BACR)
  • British Society of Cell Biology (BSCB)

Research Areas

  • Characterisation of the reticuloplasmins as anticancer drug targets.
  • Pharmacology of vascular disrupting agents.
  • Development of 3Rs methodologies.
  • Exploitation of the fluorescent properties of anti-cancer therapeutics for utilisation in assessment of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic end-points.
  • Evaluation of the drugability of the tumour cell glycocalyx.

Research Team

  • Patricia Cooper, Experimental Officer
  • Gary Lawson, Research Technician
  • Marcella Sini, YCR Programme Grant Postdoctoral Researcher (with L Patterson, P Loadman, R Falconer & K Pors)


Peer-reviewed journal publications since 2011:

Hussain N, Connah D, Ugail H, Cooper PA, Falconer RA, Patterson LH, Shnyder SD (2016). The use of thermographic imaging to evaluate therapeutic response in human tumour xenograft models. Scientific Reports (accepted for publication)

Ross RL, McPherson HR, Kettlewell L, Shnyder SD, Hurst CD, Alder O, Knowles MA (2016). PIK3CA dependence and sensitivity to therapeutic targeting in urothelial carcinoma. BMC Cancer (accepted for publication)

Grant CA, Twigg PC, Saeed RF, Lawson G, Falconer RA, Shnyder SD (2016). The effect of polysialyltransferase modulation on glioma cell nano-mechanics. BioNanoSci 6: 81-84 DOI 10.1007/s12668-016-0192-2

Ayuso JM, Basheer HA, Monge R, Sánchez-Álvarez P, Doblaré M, Shnyder SD, Vinader V, Afarinkia K, Fernández LJ, Ochoa I (2015). Study of the chemotactic response of multicellular spheroids in a microfluidic device. PLoS ONE 10: e0139515

Batubara A, Carolan VA, Loadman PM, Sutton C, Shnyder SD, Clench MR (2015). Thin-layer chromatography/matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry imaging for the analysis of phospholipids in LS174T colorectal adenocarcinoma xenografts treated with the vascular disrupting agent DMXAA. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 29: 1-9

Vinader V, Sadiq M, Sutherland M, Huang M, Loadman PM, Elsalem L, Shnyder SD, Cui H, Afarinkia K, Searcey M, Patterson LH, Pors K (2015). Probing cytochrome P450-mediated activation with a truncated azinomycin analogue.Med Chem Comm 6: 187-191

Gill JH, Loadman PM, Shnyder SD, Cooper P, Atkinson JM, Ribeiro Morais G, Patterson LH, Falconer RA (2014). Tumor-Targeted Prodrug ICT2588 Demonstrates Therapeutic Activity against Solid Tumors and Reduced Potential for Cardiovascular Toxicity. Mol Pharm 11: 1294-1300

Van Rijt SH, Romero-Canelón I, Fu Y, Shnyder SD, Sadler PJ (2014). Potent organometallic osmium compounds induce mitochondria-mediated apoptosis and S-phase cell cycle arrest in A549 non-small cell lung cancer cells. Metallomics 6:1014-1022

Al-Saraireh YMJ, Sutherland M, Springett BR, Freiberger F, Morais GR, Loadman PM, Errington RJ, Smith PJ, Fukuda M, Gerardy-Schahn R, Patterson LH, Shnyder SD, Falconer RA (2013). Pharmacological inhibition of polysialyltransferase ST8SiaII modulates tumour cell migration. PLoS ONE 8: e73366

Sheldrake H, Travica S, Johansson I, Loadman P, Sutherland M, Elsalem L, Illingworth N, Cresswell AJ, Reuillon T, Shnyder SD, Mkrtchian S, Searcey M, Sundberg MI, Patterson LH, Pors K (2013). Re-engineering of the Duocarmycin Structural Architecture Enables Bioprecursor Development Targeting CYP1A1 and CYP2W1 for Biological Activity. J Med Chem. 56: 6273-6277

Herrera-Abreu MT, Pearson A, Campbell J, Shnyder SD, Knowles MA, Ashworth A, Turner NC (2013). Parallel RNA interference screens identify EGFR activation as an escape mechanism in FGFR3 mutant cancer. Cancer Discov. 3: 1058-1071

Smith PJ, Furon E, Wiltshire M, Chappell S, Patterson LH, Shnyder SD, Falconer RA, Errington RJ (2013). NCAM polysialylation during adherence transitions: Live cell monitoring using an antibody-mimetic EGFP-endosialidase and the viability dye DRAQ7. Cytometry A. 83: 659-671

Travica S, Pors K, Loadman PM, Shnyder SD, Johansson I, Alandas MN, Sheldrake HM, Mkrtchian S, Patterson LH, Ingelman-Sundberg M (2013). Colon cancer-specific cytochrome P450 2W1 converts duocarmycin analogues into potent tumor cytotoxins. Clin Cancer Res. 19: 2952-2961

O Farrell AC, Shnyder SD, Marston G, Coletta PL, Gill JH (2013). Non-invasive molecular imaging for preclinical cancer therapeutic development. Br J Pharmacol. 169: 719-735

Sutherland M, Gill JH, Loadman PM, Laye JP, Sheldrake HM, Illingworth NA, Alandas MN, Cooper PA, Searcey M, Pors K, Shnyder SD, Patterson LH (2013). Antitumor activity of a duocarmycin analogue rationalised to be metabolically activated by Cytochrome p450 1a1 in human transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. Mol Cancer Ther. 12: 27-37

Cosentino L, Redondo-Horcajo M, Zhao Y, Santos AR, Chowdury KF, Vinader V, Abdallah QM, Abdel-Rahman H, Fournier-Dit-Chabert J, Shnyder SD, Loadman PM, Fang WS, Díaz JF, Barasoain I, Burns PA, Pors K (2012). Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Colchicine B-Ring Analogues Tethered with Halogenated Benzyl Moieties. J Med Chem. 55: 11062-11066

Fournier-Dit-Chabert J, Vinader V, Santos AR, Redondo-Horcajo M, Dreneau A, Basak R, Cosentino L, Marston G, Abdel-Rahman H, Loadman PM, Shnyder SD, Díaz JF, Barasoain I, Falconer RA, Pors K (2012). Synthesis and biological evaluation of colchicine C-ring analogues tethered with aliphatic linkers suitable for prodrug derivatisation. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 22: 7693-7696

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Harvey TJ, Hennig IM, Shnyder SD, Cooper PA, Ingram N, Hall GD, Selby PJ, Chester JD (2011). Adenovirus-mediated hypoxia-targeted gene therapy using Herpes Simplex Virus thymidine kinase and bacterial nitroreductase prodrug activating genes in vitro and in vivo. Cancer Gene Ther 18:773-784

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Vinader V, Al-Saraireh Y, Wiggins HL, Rappaport JZ, Shnyder SD, Patterson LH, Afarinkia K (2011). An agarose spot chemotaxis assay for chemokine receptor antagonists. J Pharmacol Toxicol Methods 64:213-216

Lamont FR, Tomlinson DC, Cooper PA, Shnyder SD, Chester JD, Knowles MA (2011). Small molecule FGF receptor inhibitors block FGFR-dependent urothelial carcinoma growth in vitro and in vivo. Br J Cancer 104:75-82

Book chapters

Cooper PA & Shnyder SD (2016). Use of the hollow fibre assay to evaluate agents that target the tumor neovasculature. In: ‘Methods in Molecular Biology, Angiogenesis Protocols, 3rd Ed.’ Martin SG & Hewett PW (eds), Humana Press, New York. pp375-386

Gill JH & Shnyder SD (2015). Oncology Activity. In: ‘Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Pharmacological Assays, 4th Ed.’Hock FJ (ed), Springer-Verlag, Berlin. pp4157-4200

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