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Dr Adrian Kelly

PositionSenior Lecturer in Polymer Engineering
DepartmentCentre for Advanced Materials Engineering, Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science, Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology
Telephone(01274) 234532
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Research Interests (key words only)

Extrusion, injection moulding, materials formulation including nanocomposites; process monitoring,rheology, pharmaceutical processing

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Research Staff:

Ravindra Dhumal (PDRA)
John Wyborn (technical staff)

Research Students:

Gulstan Ezat - Dispersion and orientation of carbon nanotubes in polypropylene
Javier Vera Sorroche - Thermal optimisation of single screw extrusion
Chaitrali Kulkarni - Melt extruded formulations of Artermisinin
Kartik Nair - Micromoulded micro-needles for pharmaceutical applications
Shital Maru - Melt extrusion of Anti-HIV paediatric drug formulations
Prafulla Apshingekar - Ultrasonic characterisation of pharmaceutical polymer formulations
Rohan Ambardekar - Solid phase orientation of pharmaceutical polymer systems


Adrian Kelly is a lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics and Manager of Extrusion research activities in the Polymer IRC research group at Bradford.  Adrian has a first degree in mechanical engineering and received a PhD for his research developing in-process rheological measurement techniques for polymer extrusion. He has a strong background in polymer processing (particularly extrusion and injection moulding) and process monitoring, having recently managed a large DTI funded project (CHBJ/005/00110C) to encourage the use of process metrology in the UK polymer industry.  He has an interest in thermal optimisation of polymer processing and currently holds an EPSRC grant to optimise thermal management in polymer extrusion (EP/G059330/1) in collaboration with Queens University, Belfast.

Pharmaceutical polymer engineering is one the main focuses of Adrian's current research activities, particularly twin screw extrusion of pharmaceutical formulations (solid dispersions and solutions) and the application of process monitoring techniques (PAT).  Working closely with colleagues with Pharmaceutics expertise, he is developing novel polymer-drug formulations, novel processes and novel extruded and moulded product forms.  He is also applying his knowledge of polymer melt rheology and material characterisation to pharmaceutical polymer processing. Adrian has developed a novel continuous process to manufacture co-crystals in collaboration with Professor Anant Paradkar; this has been funded through a Yorkshire Forward Proof of Concept award and is the subject of a patent application (GB0813709.3).

Adrian has experience of processing a wide variety of polymeric materials, including materials formulation research with composites, nanocomposites and additives. In addition to conventional commodity and engineering polymers, he has expertise in recycled polymers, bio-based polymers and biodegradable polymer systems.  Adrian has worked closely with a large number of companies across the polymer, additive, machinery and instrumentation sectors.

He has received research funding from EPSRC, DTI, TSB, Yorkshire Forward, METRC and WRAP, in addition to a significant amount of contract research funding from industry collaborators.  He has received 3 SPARK proof-of-concept awards, one of which was awarded a Yorkshire Forward Innovation prize. Adrian has published over 20 journal and 70 conference papers, in polymer engineering and science related fields.  He has co-authored 5 ISBN published books and reports. Recent publications include.

Current Projects

Current research projects:


EPSRC Thermal Management of Polymer Processing (£225k) 2010-13

EPSRC A Novel Continuous Method for Co-crystal Formation (£550k) 2011-14

TSB High Volume Production of Membrame Electrode Assembly Fuel Cells (£235k) 2009-12

EU FP7 PolySense Ultrasonic Monitoring of Polymer Processing (£220k) 2011-12


Kelly, AL, Mulvaney-Johnson, L, Beechey, R and Coates, PD (2011) The Effect of Copper Alloy Mold Tooling on the Performance of the Injection Molding Process, Polymer Engineering and Science, 51 (9), 1837-1847  

Ezat, GS, Kelly, AL, Mitchell, SC, Youseffi M and Coates, PD (2011) The Influence of Maleic Anhydride Compatibiliser on the Properties of Polpropylene/Multi-wall Carbon Nanotube Composites, Plastics, Rubber and Composites, 40 (9) 438-448  

Rides, M, Kelly, AL and Allen, CRG (2011) An investigation of high rate capillary extrusion rheometry of thermoplastics, Polymer Testing 30 916–924

Abeykoon, C, Li, K, McAfee, M, Martin, P J, Niu, Q, Kelly, A L, Deng, J (2011) A new model based approach for the prediction and optimisation of thermal homogeneity in single screw extrusion, Control Engineering Practice, 19, 862-874

Dhumal, RS, Kelly, AL, York, P, Coates, PD, Paradkar, A (2010) Cocrystalization and Simultaneous Agglomeration using Hot Melt Extrusion, Pharmaceutical Research, 27 (12), 2725-2733

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