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Dr Katharina Becker

PositionHonorary Research Fellow
DepartmentSchool of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences
Telephone+44 (0) 1274 234235

Research Interests (key words only)

Iron Age, Bronze Age, Ireland, UK, Europe, Metalwork, Social and Ritual Identities, Chronology, Typology

Study History

2006 - PhD UCD School of Archaeology, Dublin, Ireland

2001 - MA in Prehistoric Archaeology (Ur–und Frühgeschichte), University of Cologne, Germany

Professional History

June - Dec 2012: Academic editor and manager of the Rathgall publication project, UCD School of Archaeology, Dublin

Dec 2010 - Nov 2011: Post-doctoral researcher, Project: Mobility, climate and culture: re-modelling the Irish Iron Age. (British Academy Funding under the BARDA Grant scheme. Principal Investigators Professor Ian Armit, Dr Graeme Swindles, Leeds University

May 2010 - Nov 2010: Academic editor and researcher on the Rathgall publication project UCD School of Archaeology, Dublin, Ireland

Oct 2009 - March 2010: Research archaeologist, National Museum of Ireland, Dublin

2007-2009: Temporary Lecturer, UCD School of Archaeology, Dublin, Ireland

Current Projects

The Irish Iron Age – Beyond Celts and Romans


Becker, K. In prep. Beyond Celts and Romans. Identity in the Irish Iron Age. Output of AHRC Fellowship, projected publication date 2014/5. Oxford University Press (in negotiation)

Becker, K and Raftery, B. In peer-review (2014) Rathgall, Co. Wicklow - an Irish hillfort through Prehistory and Early History. Barry Raftery’s excavation of a National Monument. Wordwell Books, Bray. Peer-reviewed monograph

Swindles, G., et al., Armit, I. and Becker, K. in press 2013. Mid –late Holocene climate changes in Ireland: a review. Quaternary science review

Becker, K. In press. 2013. Transforming identities – New approaches to Bronze Age deposition in Ireland. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 78

Becker, K. 2013. Iron Age Tara in context. In: M. O’Sullivan, C. Scarre and M. Doyle (eds) Tara—from the past to the future. Towards a new research agenda. Wordwell books, Bray. (peer-reviewed monograph)

Becker, K. 2013. The dating of Late Bronze Age Dowris metalwork – a pilot study. Journal of Irish Archaeology XXI, 7-15

Becker, K. 2012. The introduction of iron working to Ireland. In: Kern, A. and Koch, J. (eds) Technologieentwicklung und – transfer in der Eisenzeit. Tagungsbericht der AG Eisenzeit, Hallstatt 2009. Beiträge zur Ur-und Frühgeschichte Mitteleuropas. Langenweissenbach. (peer-reviewed monograph)

Becker, K. 2012. Several entries. In: S. Sievers, O.H. Urban, P. Ramsl (eds) Lexikon der keltischen Archäologie. Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien 2012

Becker, K. 2012 Redefining the Irish Iron Age: In: Potterton, M. and Corlett C. (eds) Life and death in Iron Age Ireland. Wordwell books, Bray. 1-14

Becker, K. 2012. The parallel La Tène. Kunst der vorrömischen Eisenzeit in Irland. In: Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg / Landesmuseum Württemberg / Landesamt für Denkmalpflege im Regierungs-präsidium Stuttgart (eds), Die Welt der Kelten. Zentren der Macht - Kostbarkeiten der Kunst. Ausstellungskatalog Stuttgart. Jan Thorbecke Verlag, Ostfildern 2012. 501-507

Armit, I., Swindles, G. and Becker, K. 2012 From dates to demography in later prehistoric Ireland? Experimental approaches to the meta-analysis of large 14 C data-sets. Journal of Archaeological Science 40 (1), 433-438. (doi: 10.1016/j.jas.2012.08.039)

Becker, K., Armit, I., Eogan, J. and Swindles, G. (2012). Later prehistoric radiocarbon dates from Ireland: an audit. Journal of Irish Archaeology. XX 19–26

Becker, K. 2011. The Irish Iron Age: Continuity, change and identity. In: Moore, T. and Armada, X. (eds). Atlantic Europe in the First Millennium BC. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 449-467. (peer-reviewed monograph)

Cooney, G., Becker, K., Coles, M., Ryan, M. and Sievers, S. (eds) 2010. Relics of old decency. Archaeological studies in later prehistory. Festschrift for Barry Raftery. Wordwell Books, Bray

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