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Andy Scally

PositionSenior Lecturer
LocationChesham B2.23a
DepartmentSchool of Allied Health Professions and Midwifery
Feedback Hours9am – 5pm Monday to Friday
Telephone01274 236431

Research Interests (key words only)

Medical statistics, quantitative research methods, applied health research, radiological science and protection.

PhD Supervision

Current students

  • Sam Malton (Pharmacy)  2015 –
  • Rachel Boys (Pharmacy) 2015 –
  • Laura Lamming (FoHS) 2016 –

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Andy’s teaching has spread across several modules, disciplines and faculties.

His main teaching areas are in radiological science, protection and technology, quantitative research methods, medical statistics and research ethics.


Andy's career has gradually evolved from radiographer, to medical physicist, to medical statistician and his teaching and research interests remain spread across the three disciplines.

  • (2005 - present) Current Post
  • (1996 - 2005) Lecturer, Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford
  • (1992 - 1996) Lecturer, Bradford and Airedale College of Health
  • (1989- 1992) Scientist/Senior Scientist, RPS Ltd, Sutton, Surrey
  • (1987 - 1989) Medical Physics Technician, Middlesex Hospital Medical School
  • (1985 - 1987) Radiographer, Croydon General Hospital
  • (1984 - 1985) Locum Radiographer, Jenny Reeves Radiographer Agency, London
  • (1984) Locum Radiographer, Cork Regional Hospital, Ireland

Study History

  • (2006) MSc Medical Statistics, University of Leicester
  • (1996) MSc Computational Physics, University of Salford
  • (1992) BSc (Hons) Physics, Birkbeck College, University of London
  • (1984) DCR(R), Nottinghamshire Area School of Radiography

Professional Activities

  • External Examiner for St George’s, London. MRes (Clinical Practice) (2014- present)
  • College of Radiographers Assessor for the Approval and Accreditation of programmes (2005 - )
  • Reviewer for Radiography (2009 - present)
  • Reviewer for PLoS ONE. (2015 – present)

Research Areas

As a medical statistician Andy has been, and remains, involved in collaborative research in a wide range of medical, biomedical and health disciplines, including: medical imaging, optometry, pharmacy, oncology, health and social care and a broad range of specialist medical disciplines.

He has experience in the design and analysis of epidemiological studies, randomised controlled trials and studies of diagnostic accuracy, and is familiar with a broad range of data analytical techniques.

Current Projects

Andy Scally, Professor MA Mohammed, Dr John Stoves. The implementation of a sick day e-Alert in Primary Care for the prevention of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in a community-based population. Yorkshire and the Humber Strategic Clinical Networks (CVD).

Professor MA Mohammed, Professor John Wright, Dr Claire Marsh, Ray Cuschieri, Donald Richardson, Andy Scally, Michael Rooney. Combining physiological and biomedical data into a novel computer-aided risk score to support near real-time clinical decision making and determine its impact on quality/safety of care in two hospitals. (CARS Project). Health Foundation.

Research Collaborations

Andy has extensive research collaborations with University colleagues in the Faculties of Life Sciences and Health Studies, and with medical practitioners and other health professionals within the NHS.


  • Expert member, Bradford/Leeds Research Ethics Committee, NHS Health Research Authority, Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Deputy Director, Bradford Evaluation and Trials Unit, University of Bradford (2014-2016)


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