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Commercial Services

Example of prosthesis worked on by AME

We pursue research excellence that has application to society, taking fundamental research through to application in the UK and into worldwide strategic areas of advanced materials, healthcare and resource efficiency.

We collaborate extensively with internal and external partners to deliver solutions for industry and increase our research capacity and capability. A large amount of our external partnerships have been developed through the Polymer IRC network and the Science Bridges China programme.  Our commercial networks will expand through the new Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Medical Devices.

Bradford is part of a £21m EPSRC funded collaboration to build a new Centre for Innovative Manufacturing In Medical Devices (commenced in 2013).  The centre will develop a network of over 300 industrial partners, academics and clinicians focused on medical device innovation and manufacturing.  This network will strive to maintain the UK's leading role in the medical technologies industry and improve the quality of lives of patients. Read more about the Centre.

We have funding schemes, which can support some or all of the cost of a research project.  See our research funding pages for more details.

Other ways we can help include student projects or placements, consultancy and advice, bespoke training and development packages and networking opportunities.  See our business pages for the full range of commercial services on offer.

Please get in touch (contact details on the right-hand panel) if you think we can help, or if you have worked with us before and want to tell us about your experience, we would appreciate your feedback.