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Professional Development

Bentley UoB

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the updating and improvement of professional knowledge and competence throughout a person's working life. CPD is key to optimising career opportunities.

BEQIC has developed a learning intervention in Engineering Quality Improvement that supports CPD in two important ways:

  • The gaining of knowledge and the application of that knowledge in the workplace.
  • The learning intervention is directed at technical and professional staff with responsibilities in specification, design, planning, product development, and new product launch activities as they relate to complex consumer goods developed in volume.

The EQI learning intervention is tailored to be accessed in a number of ways ranging from a one-off short course to an integrated package of short courses along with a formally assessed work-based project leading to the award of a Post Graduate Certificate in Process Improvement.

The BEQIC short courses support the Product Creation Process through the avoidance of failure modes in design, guiding engineering professionals to find ways of doing their jobs better through ingenuity and innovation of thought.

The courses are workshop based to enable participants to gain sufficient skills to be able to immediately apply the knowledge they have gained.

The BEQIC short courses are:

  • Failure Mode Avoidance (3 days)
  • Statistical Engineering in Product Creation (3 days)
  • Warranty and Field Failure Data Analysis ( 3 days)
  • Computer Based Experiments, Metamodelling and Design Optimisation (2 days)

In addition to the regular schedule of courses offered at BEQIC each course can be delivered on-site in a company where the demand exists. The course content can also be customised to a particular company's needs.

The work-based project leading to the award of the Post Graduate Certificate in Process Improvement is based on the application of knowledge gained from the short courses. The academic credits associated with the Post Graduate Certificate can be used as a part of a course of further learning related to any UK university leading to the award of an MSc. BEQIC can offer such a course of learning through a work-based research project.