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Advanced Engineering Systems Optimisation (AESOp)

The interdisciplinary research team in Advanced Engineering Systems Optimisation (AESOp) addresses the development of design optimisation frameworks, tools, and evaluative applications studies to meet the challenges of maximising the potential of complex engineering systems.

Typical systems comprise multiple interacting disciplines and objectives, highly non-linear constraint envelopes, and high-cost discipline analyses (e.g. automotive vehicle design).

The primary focus of AESOp is the development of tools to aid the reduction of the design-to-production time in complex design, development, and manufacturing processes. Despite major advances in engineering analysis, the complexity of integrating multiple sub-systems towards optimised product development remains a bottleneck, and thereby has a significant economic impact upon development and production processes (e.g. automotive, manufacturing, environment, resource management).

Through its membership, AESOp is able to investigate issues with a skill set that brings together mathematical and numerical understanding with engineering and industry requirements knowledge.

The Research Team integrates mathematicians with both academic and industrially-based engineers, reinforcing the interdisciplinary research ethos promoted in the School of Engineering.


The Research Team collaborates with Ford, Jaguar-LandRover, and Switchgear & Instrumentation, and maintains links with the Multi-disciplinary Optimisation Group at the University of Leeds (MOGUL).

Current projects include:

  • Optimal engine calibration (CO, GA)
  • Model-based condition monitoring (PSO)