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Braking Research Laboratory

The Braking Research Centre has a dedicated research laboratory which houses numerous brake test rigs.

Brake noise test rigs

Brake 4 Brake5

Several noise rigs ranging from 2.5kW up to 45kW.  The test rigs are capable of housing disc and caliper assemblies and also full suspension knuckle/upright assemblies.

Friction testing

Scale Friction

Heavy duty scale friction test rig with a capacity of 5W/mm2

Brake judder test rigs

Capacity ranging from 45kW to 90kW with disc and caliper or quarter suspension. 

Holographic interferometry 

holography1 Holography2

Research is carried out within the Brake Research Laboratory on one of the bespoke noise test rigs.  The fundamental investigative procedure is that of the whole body visual technique of holographic interferometry. This method makes use of a double-pulsed laser that allows two time related holographic images to be overlaid in a precise manner such that the two combined images provide a visual high resolution representation of the modes of vibration of a noisy brake and its associated parts. 

This technique has allowed predictive models to be developed to aid in the elimination of such noises.  Noise elimination can achieved through a range of measures which are dependent on the exact squeal frequency and geometry of the brake components.  The research group is currently investigating a robust design to eliminate brake squeal completely.


brakeanalysis1 brakeanalysis2

A range of analysis techniques are used including modal analysis, FEA, multibody dynamics modelling and custom built software for noise prediction.