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Acoustic Monitoring, Design and Testing

Acoustics LaboratoryPsychoacoustic Suite.

The Acoustics Laboratory offers a wide range of services specifically designed to support you in developing and optimising noise control solutions.

Our technical experts employ state of the art facilities to deliver bespoke solutions in the areas of:

  • Sustainable acoustic materials
  • Noise control applications
  • Noise measurements

More information

If you have any queries regarding any of the testing listed below or would like to discuss a bespoke programme of testing, please contact Dr. Amir Khan:


ISO10534-2  Determination of sound absorption coefficient and impedance in impedance tubes 
BS EN 29052  Method for the determination of dynamic stiffness. Materials used under floating floors in dwellings.                       
ISO 9053  Materials for acoustical applications - Determination of airflow resistance. 
Non-Standard Tests  Details
ALT1 Standing wave tube transmission loss.
ALT2 Material damping and loss factor.
ALT3 Impact sound isulation testing.
ALT4 Full micro-structural characterisation of porous media (Biot parameter characterisation).
ALT5 Dynamic analysis.   
ALT6 Subjective evaluation of sound quality.
ALT7 Industrial/ work place noise assessment. 
ALT8 Environmental noise assessment.    
ALT9 Marine and Offshore noise consultancy.
ALT10 Acoustic material design and optimisation.
ALT11 Product acoustic performance assessment.
ALT12 Applications development and noise control treatment.