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Research Themes

  • The role of estrogens in wound healing: How lack of estrogens and/or vitamin D accelerates skin ageing, increases inflammation and impairs wound healing.Hormones and pigmentation
  • Pattern hair loss in men and women : impact of hair growth technologies
  • Skin endocrinology: The role of DHEA in the skin of postmenopausal women
  • Wound Healing: Developing a 3D-in situ model to study
    • The role of light and the circadian clock in wound healing
    • The importance of platelet lysate in the inflammatory response and subsequent wound healing
    • The mechanisms by which diabetes impairs cellular function and subsequent wound healing
    • The role of senescent fibroblasts in chronic wounds

Research Services

  • Human hair follicle culture assay
  • Dermal papilla cell culture assay
  • Steroid hormone biochemistry
  • Consultancy

Further Information:

  • Julie Thornton