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In the News

Prof Des Tobin made significant contribution to a new study that is finding out which genes control how we look. This  attracted lots of media coverage e.g. here in the BBC‌. The full paper can be accessed here.


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No7 new product in the news has been developed with help from CSS Team

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Technology for modulating skin pigmentation

High impact research from the laborotory of Prof Des Tobin at the Centre for Skin Sciences has resulted in granted patents in the US and Australia with applications pending in Europe, Japan and China.

The technology is based on the science behind the control of skin pigmentation published by Prof Tobin and colleagues and offers opportunities for licence and further research and development with interested partners.

Please contact Russell Hodgetts for more information on licence opportunities

Please contact Gill Westgate or Des Tobin for research and development opportunities



Tobin patent

Skin pigmentation research leads to development of best-selling skincare products.

Melanins, the pigments that give skin and hair its natural colour, begin life inside specialised cells called melanocytes. The colour of our hair and skin relies on these melanin 'packages' called melanosomes (in green) being 'delivered' to the living cells that make skin and hair (in red). Key aspects of this process were discovered here in Bradford by Prof Des Tobin and his team and their work has led to the development of laboratory models of melanin transfer that have been harnessed by Boots No7 and LVMH in development of products designed to produce an even skin tone. More

Melanosome Transfer