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Inhaled Drug Development300 x 200

Inhalation is the most effective route of drug administration for treating diseases of the respiratory tract. This route ensures that drugs are delivered directly to their site of action where they exert the required local effect.  The three main inhalation approaches include the use of metered dose inhalers (MDIs), dry powder inhalers (DPIs) and nebulisers.

CPES offers inhaled formulation development services for DPI and Nebulised formulations:

Our structured approach to DPI formulation development includes:

  • Particle Size Reduction and Preformulation analysis on APINGI Copley
    • Analytical Method Transfer
    • Blending and content uniformity analysis
    • Next Generation Impactor analysis on DPI and Nebulised formulations
      • Stability testing of micronised and blended API
      • NGI studies on stored materials

Our structured approach to Nebulised formulation development includes:

  • Selection of nebuliser devices for the study
  • Analytical Method Transfer
  • Next Generation Impactor Testing
  • Aerosol Output study
  • Variation in Concentration study
  • Solution stability testing