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Enabling Process Technologies

Melt Extrusion ‌

  • Pharmalab, Thermo Scientific, UK (16 mm twin screw extruder)
  • Eurolab, Haake (16 mm twin screw extruder)
  • Minilab, Haake (mini twin screw extruder)
  • Prism, Haake (16 mm twin screw extruder)
  • Randcastle Single screw extruder
  • Roland single screw extruder
  • Powder feeder (Brabender, Germany)
  • Liquid injection system Chill roller and flaker
  • Pelletizer
  • Conveyer belt

Transdermal and mucoadhesive films (need an image here)

  • Melt casting cell
  • Single screw extruder 
  • Tensile strength tester
  • Die draw facility for oriented polymer

Spray and Freeze Drying‌

Freeze dryer

  • Spray Drying- Lab Scale LU228 with inert loop for organic solvents (Lab Ultima)
  • Freeze Drying- Lab Scale “Advantage Pro” with intellitronics (Virtis)


  • Course Milling and Micronisation- Hammer/Cutter Mill MF10 (IKA)
  • Micronisation- Planetary bead mill (Retsch)
  • Micronisation-Small Scale Lab Air Jet Milling- Pilot Mill Zero (FPS)


  • Nanoprocessing- APV Laboratory High Pressure Homogeniser (SPX Flow Technology)
  • Nanoprocessing-V500 wet bead milling technology (Dena Technologies)

Solid Dosage Form Processing

  • Granulation- High Shear Mixer GMX-Lab Micro (Freund Vector) capacity 1L/4LGranulator
  • Compression (tabletting)-8 station rotary tablet machine
  • Coating- Lab scale tablet coater HCT Mini HiCoater (Freund Vector)


  • Planetary Mixing- KMix planetary mixer (Kenwood)
  • Sifting- Vibratory Sieve Shaker AS 200 (Retsch)
  • Blending/Mixing- T2F Turbula Blender System (Willy A Bachofen AG)