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Bradford City FC Supporter's Fellowship

The Bradford city football club stadium fire was one of the worst sporting disasters in this country. The research unit that was established following this disaster continues to strive towards improving lives for patients in future. The people of Bradford and fans of Bradford City FC  a club known as the Bantams  have always had the research unit close to their heart and have generously supported its existence. One of the Research Fellowships was recently named The Bradford City FC Supporter's Fellowship to honour this association between the PSBRU and City fans. 

Current Bradford City FC supporter's fellow (2014): Mr Debabrata ('Bobby') Mondal

David Sharpe Fellowship

David Sharpe

Prof David Sharpe OBE
Founding Director of PSBRU

The journey that this legend has made from a council house to the 'Mill' is so inspiring and one to aspire to for many of us. The man we love so much has changed lives for thousands over the years. Although he has now retired, he continues to play an important part in our lives.

Prof Sharpe very much appreciates the role that research plays in safe clinical practice and the improving health care. He set up the Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit (PSBRU) in the wake of the Bradford FC fire disaster. The unit was established with money from public donations and the tremendous efforts of many local groups. Over the years, the public along with the support from local media such as the Telegraph and Argus and our Lord Mayor have kept the research unit afloat. The unit will always retain a special connection to the city, the football club and to those who support our work through donations.

Prof Sharpe has done so much for his patients, the Plastic Surgery and Burns Research unit (PSBRU) and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as a whole that his contributions to the field will be remembered forever by the on going contributions to research by the 'David Sharpe Fellow'.

Current David Sharpe Fellow (2014): Mr Alan JQ Tay

Previous Research Fellows