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  1. Bone morphogenetic protein signaling suppresses wound-induced skin repair by inhibiting keratinocyte proliferation and migration
    Lewis CJ, Mardaryev AN, Poterlowicz K, Sharova TY, Aziz A, Sharpe DT, Botchkareva NV, Sharov AA.
  2. Locating perforator vessels by dynamic infrared imaging and flow Doppler with no thermal cold challenge
    Tenorio X, Mahajan AL, Elias B, van Riempst JS, Wettstein R, Harder Y, Pittet B.
  3. Intermediate hair follicles: a new more clinically relevant model for hair growth investigations
    Miranda BH, Tobin DJ, Sharpe DT, Randall VA.
  4. Re-visiting Luck's classification: a histological analysis of Dupuytren's disease
    Lam WL, Rawlins JM, Karoo RO, Naylor I, Sharpe DT.
  5. Sun burn as a consequence of resting reading glasses on a reconstructed breast
    Mahajan AL, Chapman TW, Mandalia MR, Morris RJ.
  6. Early detection of flap failure using a new thermographic device
    Tenorio X, Mahajan AL, Wettstein R, Harder Y, Pawlovski M, Pittet B.
  7. Effects of oestrogen agonists on human dermal fibroblasts in an in vitro wounding assay
    Stevenson S, Sharpe DT, Thornton MJ.
  8. 17beta-estradiol regulates the secretion of TGF-beta by cultured human dermal fibroblasts
    Stevenson S, Nelson LD, Sharpe DT, Thornton MJ.
  9. Differing responses of human follicular and nonfollicular scalp cells in an in vitro wound healing assay: effects of estrogen on vascular endothelial growth factor secretion
    Stevenson S, Nelson LD, Sharpe DT, Thornton MJ.
  10. Lichtenberg figures: cutaneous manifestation of phone electrocution from lightning
    Mahajan AL, Rajan R, Regan PJ.
  11. The Bradford Burn Study: the epidemiology of burns presenting to an inner city emergency department
    Khan AA, Rawlins J, Shenton AF, Sharpe DT.
  12. Epidemiology and outcome analysis of 208 children with burns attending an emergency department
    Rawlins JM, Khan AA, Shenton AF, Sharpe DT.
  13. Progressive tissue injury in burns is reduced by rNAPc2
    Mahajan AL, Tenorio X, Pepper MS, Baetens D, Montandon D, Schlaudraff KU, Pittet B.
  14. Hyperlinking with your tablet personal computer: enhancing your surgical logbook
    Karoo RO, Whitaker IS, Sharpe DT.
  15. Quantifying collagen type in mature burn scars: a novel approach using histology and digital image analysis
    Rawlins JM, Lam WL, Karoo RO, Naylor IL, Sharpe DT.
  16. Pentoxifylline inhibits mature burn scar fibroblasts in culture
    Rawlins JM, Lam WL, Karoo RO, Naylor IL, Sharpe DT.
  17. Burn patterns of Asian ethnic minorities living in West Yorkshire, UK
    Rawlins JM, Khan AA, Shenton AF, Sharpe DT.
  18. Tolls of a trek up Croagh Patrick: a case of friction/frost burns to the feet
    Mahajan AL, Regan PJ.
  19. Surgical smoke without fire: the risks to the plastic surgeon
    Karoo RO, Whitaker IS, Offer G, Sharpe DT.
  20. Full-thickness burns following magnetic resonance imaging: a discussion of the dangers and safety suggestions
    Karoo RO, Whitaker IS, Garrido A, Sharpe DT.
  21. Tissue expansion: clinical applications
    Malata CM, Williams NW, Sharpe DT.
  22. Tissue expansion: an overview
    Malata CM, Williams NW, Sharpe DT.
  23. Determination of relative contributions of 'mechanical' and 'biological' creep in tissue expansion using in vivo pressure monitoring: a preliminary report
    Shuter ML, Malata CM, Duffy JS, Sharpe DT.
  24. The role of the contractile fibroblast in the capsules around tissue expanders and implants
    Coleman DJ, Sharpe DT, Naylor IL, Chander CL, Cross SE.
  25. Management of burns in major disasters
    Sharpe DT, Foo IT.
  26. Management of burns in major disasters
    Sharpe DT.
  27. Tangential excision of scalp burns: experience from the Bradford fire disaster
    Dickson WA, Sharpe DT, Roberts AH.
  28. Tissue expansion
    Sharpe DT.
  29. The correction of scalp hair defects by tissue expansion
    Roberts AH, Dickson WA, Dickson MG, Sharpe DT.
  30. Treatment of burns casualties after fire at Bradford City football ground
    Sharpe DT, Roberts AH, Barclay TL, Dickson WA, Settle JA, Crockett DJ, Mossad MG.
  31. Continuous subcutaneous tissue pH measurement as a monitor of blood flow in skin flaps: an experimental study
    Dickson MG, Sharpe DT.