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Creating a Virtual Reality Amusement Park

The European Commission-funded VPARK project aimed to integrate several applications based on Distributed Virtual Environments. What better way to do this than by creating a virtual reality amusement park?

The software we helped develop has also been used to create Virtual Theatre and Virtual Dance applications, allowing participants in different locations to rehearse together using virtual reality.


To construct a distributed virtual environment to support a number of entertainment applications.


The European Commission ACTS programme. Collaboration partners included: Integrated Information Systems s.a.(Greece), NMPFT (UK), University of Geneva (CH), and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (CH).


€1 million from the European Union


The VPARK project, with 5 partners, designed and implemented the infrastructure to support a number of entertainment applications.


Attraction builder software, and four key attractions: Virtual Dancing, Virtual Rock Concert, Virtual Theatre, Virtual Olympic Games. 

The theatre application allowed physically distributed actors to link into a common virtual stage and practice their lines and movement before travelling to the physical theatre for the final dress rehearsal.