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Timetable - Advanced Studies in Management and Business Studies (1)
Timetable - Advanced studies in Management and Business Studies (2)
Timetable - Coaching Development
Timetable - Critical Appraisal of the Literature Relating to PhD Study
Timetable - Critique of Management Research Studies (1)
Timetable - Econometrics and Applied Research
Timetable - Ethics, Professionalism and Reflective Practice
Timetable - Experimental Design
Timetable - Formal Foundations (PG)
Timetable - Formal Methods (PG)
Timetable - Fundamentals of Analytical Science
Timetable - Introduction to PhD Study and Research Design
Timetable - Introduction to Research Methods at Doctoral Level
Timetable - Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (GTAs & P/T Tutors)
Timetable - Literature Reviewing for DBA studies
Timetable - Maths and Quantitative Methods
Timetable - Philosophical Approaches to Researching and Studying
Timetable - Preparing for Primary Research
Timetable - Preparing for a Systematic Review
Timetable - Qualitative Research: Methods and Skills DPharm studies
Timetable - Quantitative Research: Statistical Data Analysis DPharm studies
Timetable - Quantitative Methods
Timetable - Qualitative Data Analysis
Timetable - Qualitative Research Methods for DBA studies
Timetable - Quantitative Research Methods
Timetable - Reliability Modelling and Analysis
Timetable - Research & Analytical Methods
Timetable - Research Methods for Social Workers
Timetable - Research Methods in Psychology
Timetable - Research Skills and Methodologies
Timetable - Research Seminar Series
Timetable - Risk Management
Timetable - Software Project Management
Timetable - Statistical Data Analysis
Timetable - Supply Chain Management
Timetable - Sustainable Energy