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Facilities for research students

A £450,000 facility opened  in May 2015 dedicated to postgraduate research students at the University of Bradford.

Located in Carlton Building on the city centre campus, it includes group study facilities, bookable meeting spaces, quiet study areas and social spaces.

Other facilities available to you will vary from one research area to another for a number of factors, including the nature of the research and the size of the academic area concerned. You should be advised before the start of your programme what facilities you will be provided with.

The facilities provided should normally include the following (for certain items it may be necessary for a charge to be made):

  • library resources including the Interlibrary Loans system and access to internet-based and CD-ROM databases.
  • IT resources including word processing, spreadsheet packages, statistical and graphics packages, electronic mail and internet access.
  • working space with a desk and associated storage, preferably within your immediate work environment.
  • where appropriate to the research project, access to laboratory facilities, laboratory consumables, scientific instrumentation, photographic services and software commensurate with the nature and possible scope of the research.
  • photocopying facilities and, where directly relevant to the research project, appropriate access to internal and external telephone networks.

Your Faculty/Department is expected to ensure that you are provided with appropriate training to enable you to use such facilities effectively. If it is the policy to charge students for using any of these facilities, in full or in part, this should be clearly stated in the information made available to you by the Faculty/Department prior to registration.