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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enrol for my Postgraduate Research Degree?

We welcome applications for post graduate degrees all year round and will consider alternative starting dates when the timing doesn’t fit with our two enrolment intake dates: October and February

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How and when can I pay for my tuition fees?

You can pay your fees in full before or at enrolment, if you would like to pay in person you can do so by visiting Payzone who are located in the Richmond Building on campus. Should paying in person not be a viable option, you can pay online via: or over the telephone (cardholder only) +44 1274 233137

If you are paying a tuition fee of more than £250.00, you can pay in instalments and there are no extra charges, for further details please visit:

How much will my tuition fees be next year?

For details the next academic years fees please visit: . Should you be unable to find the information that you require please contact the for further assistance on your fee related query

Can I request an invoice for tuition fees in advance?

Yes, you can request a pro-forma invoice, please email your request to

Do I have to attend inductions?

Yes, the faculty and University induction sessions are a requirement for all new postgraduate research students across the University, whether part time or full time (induction is not compulsory for students who are studying extramural)

How is the studentship set up?

If you are a new student you will need to complete the following procedure before you are paid:


  • Enrol in person at the University


  • Then take your new student ID card (given to you at Enrolment) and bank details to the Payroll Office which is located on D Floor, Richmond Building

(You should have received your studentship letter from the Research Student Administration Team).

When and where will I be paid my studentship?

Payment is normally made direct to your bank account on the 6th of each month (or on the first working day after the 6th if this falls on a weekend or bank holiday)

I haven't received my monthly studentship?

Studentship instructions are supplied by your Faculty, so if you have not been paid you should check with your Faculty to find out if your studentship has been renewed (renewal should be done annually)

I cannot access the Postgraduate Research Lounge (PGR Lounge), who can help me?

In order to access the PGR Lounge you must be a current, enrolled, PGR student. If you are experiencing access issues, please contact and we will endeavour to assist you.

Where can I get help about open access?

For detail regarding open access please click on the following link:

Do I have to complete an annual progress report?

Yes, each form is checked by the Research Administration Team, this form gives us a good indication of your progress and experiences over the past year. This should not be viewed as a form filling exercise; any potential issues that you have identified can then be raised with the appropriate member of staff within your faculty

Why, in e-Vision, do I appear to be in Year 2 when I am now in Year 3 or higher?

The Year in e-vision does not correspond to the year of study.  A student has a ‘Year 3’ when they have submitted

I cannot access my office/lab/workshop, who can help me?

Access to Faculty areas is granted by the Faculty, so please go to your Faculty PGR Support Office

I have submitted my thesis and I am a full-time student; can my Council Tax exemption continue while waiting for my viva?

No.  Council Tax is a charge set by local authorities to help pay for certain public services such as libraries, schools and police.  The University can provide a council tax exemption certificate for students registered as full-time students while they are in the "writing-up" phase of their study, (which is normally for a period of 12 months from the end of the research phase of study). Once you have handed in your first draft of your thesis and are waiting for your viva, you are liable to pay Council Tax as you are not required to attend University on a full-time basis.

Although we are unable to complete and stamp Council Tax Forms or give you a Council Tax letter we can, however, prepare you a Confirmation of Study letter.  It is then your responsibility to establish eligibility with the Council Tax Office.

Can the University of Bradford recommend someone to proof read my work?

The University of Bradford is unable to offer a proof reading or checking service, however, the Academic Skills Advice has useful resources to help with this, for further information please visit Academic Skills.

How can I apply for a thesis embargo?

Students can apply for a thesis embargo by completing the relevant form (see forms section of the website). The form must be returned to your supervisor who will notify your faculty, your faculty will arrange for a Publications Adjudications Panel who will approve or deny the request. Please note that an embargo is treated as a serious matter, however, the University acknowledge that there are circumstances that require such action

Can my supervisor be appointed as an examiner?

No, unfortunately your supervisor cannot be selected as an examiner; the main reason for this is that it poses a conflict of interest

What do you look for when appointing an examining team?

The main things that the University look for when appointing your examining team are experience and externality. Thorough checks are carried out to ensure that the team has the correct knowledge, experience and externality. For example, an examiner that has published with the student in question would not be approved. Faculties are encouraged to provide supporting documentation for unconventional applications; however, we must continue to protect and uphold the University’s integrity and reputation

Why have I been charged another writing-up fee?

The writing-up fee is charged on an annual basis to both full-time and part-time students and covers use of the University facilities (access to the Library is granted until the viva date upon request and access to email continues until 90 days after Graduation).

 The amount per year is minimal so is not reduced pro rata when a student submits their thesis during the academic year nor when a student suspends their registration during the writing-up period

Why have I been charged a full tuition fee when I have been registered for long enough to pay the writing-up fee?

Transfer to writing-up has not yet been confirmed by your Faculty.  Please speak to your supervisor in the first instance

Where can I submit my thesis?

You can submit your thesis in one of three ways:

By attending the thesis drop in session held in the Postgraduate Research Lounge held each Friday between 10:30am and 11:30am (subject to change during the Summer holidays, Christmas and peak times, if unsure feel free to email

You can make an appointment (email and we can meet you in the PGR Lounge to accept handover.  

By using Inprint and Design (on campus printer/binders), they offer a weekly delivery service. If you are unable to make the thesis drop in session and you have placed your thesis order with Inprint and Design then this is the next best option, please be sure to notify Inprint and Design that you require delivery to the Postgraduate Research Lounge

From January 2016 we are moving all thesis hand in to one of the above methods.  it will no longer be possible to drop your Thesis at the front of House (in Richmond Building)

What is a re-submission fee?

If the outcome of your viva examination is 1.4 revise and represent, you will be required to pay a re-submission fee. This fee covers the re-examination and administrative costs incurred, you will be notified in writing the re-submission fee, however, details can be found on the fee’s section of the website:

I have a disability; can I make a request for reasonable adjustments to be made for my viva examination?

Yes you can, for anyone with a diagnosed disability you can make a request for reasonable adjustments in your viva examination. The Research Administration Team is not responsible for this, however, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Service who can assess your needs

What do I need to know before Graduation?

Please go to our Preparation for Graduation page.

Should you not find the answer to your question, please do get in touch by emailing