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Support for Students

Induction Programme

University-wide induction

The University Induction Programme is currently delivered three times per academic year for Year 1 Postgraduate Research (PGR) students. The Faculty and University induction sessions are a requirement for all new PGR students across the University, whether part-time or full-time. These sessions will help you understand the academic and social environment in which you are working and provide an introduction to a range of University services and training in various research-related matters.

The 2017/18 Faculty inductions for Semester 2 will be held on 5 February 2018.

University Central Induction

16 February 2018


Please note that Faculty inductions vary according to the timing of their intakes and the volume of students that are recruited.   

In addition, Faculties/Departments or individual Supervisors provide induction to your specific research area and these will generally be held in the autumn. The arrangements vary by Faculty/Department and for specific details please contact the research administrator in your area. 

New Students website

The New Students website has lots of useful information about studying and living in Bradford.

Support for Personal and Professional Development

In addition to the training and skills development you will identify and undertake, via your supervisory team, there is also an additional provision of skills development which can be accessed across the University.

Teaching or Support teaching

The Centre For Education Development provides a range of development opportunities for new staff and postgraduates involved in teaching and/or the support of learning. If you are seeking appointment to teach, or support teaching, there is an Initial Professional Development Framework for Postgraduates who Teach which sets out essential development for undertaking such roles. This is mandatory.

Training and Development for Doctoral Students

Please check out Training and Development website.

Research and Scholarship Skills Advice

Please check out Scholarship Skills Advice webpage to access Doctoral Skills appointments and new resources available.  Also there is Handy Hints for PhD students which is full of good information.

Workshops and Clinics

Check out Workshops and Clinics website for information.

Library workshops for Researchers

The Library offers workshops to all research students - please go to the library webpage for more details.

Generic library workshops of interest to research students

As well as research specific workshops the library has generic workshops that you may find of interest.

PGR Framework

The PGR Framework is a programme that provides a flexible, inclusive and progressive structure to enhance the University's approach to the support and training of postgraduate research (PGR) students.  It provides the training component that accompanies the doctoral work of PGR students, designed with the flexibility required to suit students' needs.  It enables PGR students, with their supervisors’ support, to ensure that they can acquire all the necessary skills to become competent independent researchers.

This Framework is jointly offered by all the Faculties of the University, and includes development opportunities provided by the Centre for Educational Development (CED); Career and Employability Services; Academic Skills Advice; Language Centre; Library and IT Services. It also includes access to the Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative (NARTI) and similar networks and external providers. 

For more information contact the PGR admin team:

Access information on how to:

  • access the modules
  • obtain a Postgraduate Research Methods award
  • access Short courses for Researchers
  • Useful links


Training for Researchers

We aim to:

  • provide high-quality training for postgraduate research students
  • meet the research training needs of the University's wider research community including academic staff, contract research staff and research assistants
  • represent postgraduate research students within the University and externally

For more information, visit our Training and Development pages.

Facilities available for research students

PGR Lounge

A £450,000 facility opened  in May 2015 dedicated to postgraduate research students at the University of Bradford.

Located in Carlton Building on the city centre campus, it will include group study facilities, bookable meeting spaces, quiet study areas and social spaces.

Other campus facilities

Other facilities available to you will vary from one research area to another for a number of factors, including the nature of the research and the size of the academic area concerned. You should be advised before the start of your programme what facilities you will be provided with.

The facilities provided should normally include the following (for certain items it may be necessary for a charge to be made):

• library resources including access to journals, databases and other electronic resources, as well as InterLibrary Loans and SCONUL     Access (which allows you to use other university libraries).

• IT resources including word processing, spreadsheet packages, statistical and graphics packages, electronic mail and internet access.

• working space with a desk and associated storage, preferably within your immediate work environment.

• where appropriate to the research project, access to laboratory facilities, laboratory consumables, scientific instrumentation, photographic services and software commensurate with the nature and possible scope of the research.

• photocopying facilities and, where directly relevant to the research project, appropriate access to internal and external telephone networks.

Your Faculty/Department is expected to ensure that you are provided with appropriate training to enable you to use such facilities effectively. If it is the policy to charge students for using any of these facilities, in full or in part, this should be clearly stated in the information made available to you by the Faculty/Department prior to registration.

Language Support

The University Language Centre offer a wide range of English language classes and support depending on your current level of English.

Class numbers are limited to ensure that students receive the maximum amount of personal attention. All lessons are based on highly interactive, student-centred methods so learning a language is easy and fun. 

For more information visit the Language Courses and Support web pages.

Pastoral care

Any problems arising during the course of a student’s research should normally be discussed initially with the Principal Supervisor.

If a student feels their work is not proceeding satisfactorily for reasons beyond their control, they may:

  • contact their Faculty/Department Director of Postgraduate Research (or an alternative if this person is their own Supervisor).
  • discuss a matter with someone outside their Faculty/Department ie their Head of Department, Dean of Faculty or the Chair of the Faculty Post Graduate Research Degrees Committee.

Students are advised that any problems arising during their period of study should be brought to the attention of the Director of Postgraduate Research (or other persons as noted above) in order that any difficulties may be resolved before submission of the thesis.

Please note: unless any problems arising regarding inadequacy of supervisory or other arrangements during the period of study are raised before submission of the thesis, no subsequent appeal against a decision of the Examiners may be based on a complaint on these grounds, unless there are exceptional reasons for it not having come to light until after the assessment.


Supervisors should appreciate that these procedures may enable a student, if the working relationship has not been established, to initiate an amendment to the supervisory arrangements.

Similarly a Supervisor having difficulties in establishing a working relationship with a student should, in the first instance, discuss this with their Department/Faculty Director of Postgraduate Research and/or Associate Dean. This procedure may, likewise, initiate an amendment in the supervisory arrangements.

Personal harassment

If a student feels they are being subject to personal harassment including bullying they should seek advice immediately. Any incident of this nature will be regarded extremely seriously by the University.

Equality Unit

The Equality Unit provides a Dignity and Respect drop-in service and also has support contact person’s available.

Counselling Service

The Counselling service provides counselling for both enrolled students and staff at the University. There is a drop-in service during term time or bookable appoints.

Director of Postgraduate Research

A Director of Postgraduate Research is nominated in each Faculty/Department.  This member of staff is responsible for:

  • all administrative matters relating to the acceptance, progress and assessment of research students in the area concerned
  • providing an independent route if a student wishes to seek advice on any difficulty relating to the supervisory process or are in need of pastoral care (where the Director of Postgraduate Research is the students Supervisor then alternative arrangements will be made)
  • ensuring that the student is given the opportunity to provide feedback on academic provision and support facilities

Faculty Postgraduate Research Sub-Committee

The Faculty Postgraduate Research Sub-Committee is usually chaired by an Associate Dean  for Research and Knowledge transfer and is responsible for the policy, direction and quality assurance of graduate research throughout the University. 

Terms of Reference

The Faculty Postgraduate Research Sub-Committees make recommendations to the Learning and Teaching Committee on the following business:

1.  To advise and report to the Learning and Teaching Committee on matters of academic policy relating to higher degrees by research

2.  To formulate, for consideration by the Learning and Teaching Committee, Ordinances and Regulations for higher degrees by research

3.  To make recommendations to the Learning and Teaching Committee arising from periodic, major reviews of academic policy relating to higher degrees by research

4.  To formulate, for consideration by the Learning and Teaching Committee, procedures, guidelines and Codes of Practice relating to higher degrees by research

5.  To co-ordinate institutional quality assurance and learning support activities, with a view to assuring the security, quality and standards of University awards for higher degrees by research, both in relation to internal and external candidates

6.  To inform and consult as appropriate Research Strategy Committee

7.  To consider on behalf of the Faculty matters relating to individual candidates for higher degrees by research including the following and, where appropriate, to make recommendations to Senate:

  • admission
  • progression from MPhil to PhD
  • suspension and extension of registration
  • titles and sub-titles of theses
  • restriction of access to theses
  • appointment of examiners
  • examiners' reports
  • recommendations for termination of registration

and other matters as may be appropriate.

Breaches, Appeals and Complaints

Here is a link to the University of Bradfords Student and Academic Services webpage.

Who's who - contact list for research

Postgraduate Research Administrative Team
Sarah Hargreaves - PGR Administration Manager
Lauren Pickles - PGR Coordinator (FoHS, FoLS, FoSS)
Karen Rowley - PRG Coordinator (FoEI, FoML)
Judy Cowley - FoEI PGR Administrator 
Jemma Hunt - FoLS PGR Administrator
Andrea Buttle - FoHS PGR Administrator
Sandra Hall - FoSS PGR Administrator 
Vacant - FoML PGR Administrator 
Other Faculty Contacts
Faculty of Engineering and Informatics (FoEI) 

Dr Jian-Ping Li

Director of Postgraduate Research


Prof F Campean

Associate Dean of Research & Knowledge Transfer


Faculty of Health Studies (FoHS)
Dr Melanie Cooper Director of Postgraduate Research


Vacant Associate Dean of Research & Knowledge Transfer Vacant
Faculty of Life Sciences (FoLS)
Dr James R Boyne Director of Postgraduate Research


Vacant Professional Doctorate in Pharmacy (DPharm) - Director of Postgraduate Research


Dr Anne Graham

Associate Dean of Research & Knowledge Transfer


Faculty of Management and Law (FoML)
Professor Dilek Onkal Associate Dean of Research & Knowledge Transfer


Professor Chengang Wang PhD Programme - Director of Postgraduate Research


Dr Andrew Smith Professional Doctorate in Management (DBA) Programme - Director of Postgraduate Research (Research stage)


Faculty of Social Sciences (FoSS)
Patrick Ryan Interim Associate Dean of Research & Knowledge Transfer


Dr Clare Beckett-Wrighton Director of Postgraduate Research


Visa Support Team
University of Bradford Union of Students (UBU)
Full-Time Officers (including Academic Affairs Officer) and Part-Time Officers
NOTES: Telephone numbers shown are room extensions for on-campus use only. External callers must add 01274 23, overseas callers should add +44 1274 23 before the 4-digit numbers shown.

Getting started checklist

Getting Started Checklist Here you will find a checklist which we hope will be useful when you first arrive at Bradford to take your research degree.

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