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Did you know...?

Published: Thurs 06 July 2017
Did you know...? 2016-17 faculties, support services and external specialists delivered 115 different training opportunities to our doctoral research community.

This number doesn't even include all of the specialised in-faculty training sessions, seminars or PGR events (such as conferences). What I've counted here are just those sessions offered across the institution to all students, irrespective of discipline, that feature on this website. So the total number of events is, overall, even higher than this.

We continue to work hard to respond to:

  • your PRES feedback
  • needs identified in your Training Needs Analyses
  • feedback collected during our training sessions
  • development identified as part of your supervisor monthly meetings and Annual Progress Reports.

Any suggestions for future training or development sessions? Please email with your ideas.


All of these elements matter enormously as we continue to shape and enhance the research culture here at Bradford. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in evaluating training this last year, and of course, thanks to our trainers.

Dr Russell Delderfield

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