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Enterprise and Commercialisation

Working towards a thriving economy

One of the University of Bradford’s core objectives as a part of its Ecoversity programme is to develop research, innovation and knowledge transfer to bring greater prosperity to our students, the University, City and Region. The Enterprise and Commercialisation team are the hub for Innovation at the University of Bradford. Our aim is to create wealth for the University and businesses in Bradford and beyond by commercialising new technologies developed on Campus.

Many research projects, especially those involving Knowledge Transfer or external collaboration, will result in the generation of novel ideas, such as processes or chemical entities, that when applied to industry could have a positive impact on society. Examples of this could be a streamlined manufacturing process, giving cost-savings and increased productivity to businesses, or a new medical technology, improving outcomes for patients.

Protecting your idea

When a project delivers the development of new technology which will offer benefits to industry, it is important to be aware of intellectual property (IP). IP covers many registered and unregistered rights, including patents, trademarks, copyright, and design right. Protecting your IP allows the University to exploit your invention commercially. This can involve spin-out company creation, joint ventures, license deals, and sale of intellectual assets. This creates a financial return to both the business and the University.

Potential IP should be considered continuously, from grant applications and onwards. If you believe a project you are working on is generating IP, please contact the Enterprise and Commercialisation team in RKTS.