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Sustainable Business Travel

Sustainable Business Travel Framework

travel framework The Framework aims to increase efficiency and cut travel carbon emissions and cost through this simple set of questions around whether and how a business journey should be made:

1. Can the journey be avoided through the use of technology?

2. If travelling within the UK public transport and car sharing should be used in preference to driving

3. Domestic Flights and Long Distance Single Occupancy car journeys should not be made without specific permission of line manager.

While it is accepted that travel by employees is an essential element in meeting the universities overall objectives; it is also recognised that the University of Bradford has a responsibility to ensure its staff travel responsibly and only when truly required.

It is estimated that University related travel causes around 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. 

See the Sustainable Travel Framework (PDF, 44KB). Click here to see the full Travel Policy 

Any queries about your travel options should be directed to

Find out about using cars for business travel