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Staff Car Share Scheme

Why get involved?

Joining the Car Share Scheme has 2 massive benefits to Staff members using their vehicles to commute to the University:

  • SAVE MONEY - A car share space costs just £102 for a year, this represents a massive financial saving as this is split between all the people in the car!
  • SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT - You will half or third your commuting emissions making your journeys as environmentally friendly as using the train but still have the convenience of a car!

How will I find other people to car share with?

If you do not know any other people that it would be convenient to car share with you can register with Liftshare (external link) however, this only allows you to identify other travellers into the city centre. 

If the person registered, is employed or studying at the university the university car share scheme becomes applicable and application for a university car share permit can be made by downloading the application form at the foot of this page.

Car Share Scheme: How to qualify

To qualify for a Carshare permit and a reserved parking space you will need to do the following:

  • Find at least one other staff university permit holder to share with to form a 'car pool'
  • Elect one member of the car pool to be the lead driver. The lead driver will be responsible for the smooth operation of the car pool, informing the Car Parking department of any changes and will act as the main point of contact for the parking permit Administrator
  • The driver of each vehicle used as part of the car pool will need to complete the Carshare scheme registration form. The form will need to be signed by the lead driver
  • The lead driver will forward all Carshare registration forms to the Car Parking department at Security Department, Richmond Reception. (Drivers need not return permits at this stage)
  • The Car parking Administrator will process your registration and arrange a permit to be made.
  • Once the formalities are completed, the lead driver will arrange to collect all previously held permits and exchange these for ONE Carshare permit. The car pool cannot begin operation until all permits are returned.

Further information and application forms