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Bike Lockers are around the campus near Richmond, Horton, JBP, Students Central and Phoenix Buildings as well as at the Faculty of Management and Law.  These are £20 / year to hire for people who cycle as least 3 times per week.  A £50 deposit is required.  Contact if you would like to use one.

Secure bikes sheds are under Horton A, in library square, by The Green on Richmond Road (with fixing station) and outside Students central on Longside Lane car park.  These are accessed by joining Unibbug.

Drying Room

This is assessed via your university ID Card once siged up with Unibbug - it is next to the big Horton Bike Cage, the last door on the left on the way to Chesham.  There are lockers in here that you can request a key for by emailing


E floor                                     Carlton wing in

                                                  Disabled w/c area                 1 shower          key required             from security desk                        


Horton D                                Grd fl lobby                             1  shower         salto lock

Horton D                                Disabled w/c                           1 shower          salto lock


Bright Build                           01 level                                      1 shower          salto lock                      + building admission   required

                                                  Disabled w/c                           1 shower             “        “                         + building admission required


Chesham C                          Grd floor                                    1 shower          salto lock                       Chesham C HAS NO HOT WATER TILL FURTHER NOTICE


Phoenix N.E                         workshop area                       2 showers                                                + building admission required

                                                  Disabled w/c                           1 shower                                                  + building admission required


Student central                  near activity rooms               1 shower        key required    from ubu reception


Horton  A                              Grd  floor                                  5 showers       open   access

                                                 Disabled w/c                            1 shower        salto lock                         Horton A    HAS NO HOT WATER TILL FURTHER NOTICE


Yvete Jacobson                  01 level                                      2 showers        open access