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Public Transport Incentives for Staff

If you use the Bus and Train - Metro Season Tickets

The University operates a scheme for staff to purchase MetroCards at a 15% discount off the normal cost of an annual MetroCard and pay for it in 12 easy instalments directly out of your pay.

Metro have agreed this discount with the University in recognition of our efforts to promote sustainable travel choices and our commitment to developing and maintaining a travel plan.

For more information see: Staff Metro Card Scheme (internal link)

If you use the Bus - Discounted Season Tickets

You can now save 15% on annual MetroCard bus only tickets, see Metro Card Scheme above

First Bus Corporate Travel Club

We can now offer a season ticket loan scheme giving you all the cost savings of an annual ticket along with simplicity of a monthly direct debit payment.  The cost of a FirstYear Bradford pass is currently roughly £600 paid monthly by direct debit (or less for smaller areas). Call on 0845 601 8020 to take advantage of this offer!

If you use the Train - Savings on Northern Rail Tickets

You can get 12 weeks free when you buy an annual train ticket for your journey and pay for it through 9 easy monthly instalments out of your salary, getting the last 3 months of the year free!  If you would be interested in taking part in this scheme please click here