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Student Public Transport Incentives

Student PhotoCard

You can top up your 19-25 or Student PhotoCard with unlimited bus and train travel throughout West Yorkshire. You can travel anytime of day, on the majority of buses and all train journeys within Metro rail zones 1 to 5. There is also a bus-only option.

It's available for anyone aged 19-25 (apply online and upload your password photo), or for students in full-time education who 26 or older (apply at a travel centre, where staff will take your photo for you).

Click here for further information on the Student PhotoCard.

Student Rail Cards

Save 1/3 on rail travel with the 16-25 Student Rail Card.  This card is available to all full time students from your local train station ticket office.

Find out more about the Student Rail Card here.

Access to learning Fund

Some funding of student tickets is carried out through the Access to Learning Fund - if you are having trouble paying for your transport costs call in at the HUB and ask about the help available.

Discounted Weekly First Bus Cards

We can offer a small discount on First Bus cards and can offer them for £16 rather than the normal £20 to students.  For more information please contact