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Virtual Meetings

Using virtual meeting technologies is one of our key methods in reducing our carbon footprint, as well as saving time and money.

Research suggests that using virtual meeting technologies has saved the University approx. £150,000 out of our 1.5M business travel budget; (10% of our business travel budget). We have also saved 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions; (1% of our business travel carbon).

Virtual meeting tools can serve many purposes. For example, it can be used for quick meetings between staff and as a remote teaching and learning tool; researchers from around the world can be invited to give lectures and presentations! You can also host or attend virtual conferences and have corporate meetings.

We do not expect these virtual meeting technologies to completely replace business travel. However, it is hard to ignore the variety of options available when wanting to save time and money as well as, widen the scope of communication.

Virtual Meetings

The University of Bradford has a range of virtual meeting technologies available to suit all your needs:

  • Messenger- Great for keeping in touch with instant text chat.
  • Audio Conference-Perfect for atelephone call with more than two people.
  • Cisco WebEx- Brilliant for quick video meetings from your desk and on collaborating documents.
  • Blackboard Collaborate- Ideal for remote teaching and learning; also records lectures.
  • IT Video Conferencing Suite-Great for fully supported high profile meetings e.g. interviews.