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MSN Messenger

Getting started!

All staff and students have a Microsoft Outlook account. This means that you automatically have a Windows Live account, this allows you to use MSN Messenger. To access your Windows Live account, sign into your Microsoft Outlook account or Hotmail account and click Windows Live.

Adding contact

  1. Once you have accessed your Windows Live you can start to ‘add’ contacts from your account address book to chat with, or you can manually add a  contact by  inserting the contact name into the add contacts search engine. Click here to learn how to add contacts.
  2. The contact that you have added will need to have accepted you request to be on your contact list. 

Downloading MSN Messenger onto your desktop

  • Download the messenger toolbar onto your desktop so that you can see which of your contacts is online to chat quicker. Click here to download the Messenger toolbar.

Start chatting!

  • When you have added the contacts needed to chat, you can finally start chatting; you can even ‘invite’ multiple contacts into conversations if you want to chat with more than one person!
  • Click here to access support on how to send a chat message and see additional features.


I use MSN Messenger occasionally for sending quick messages to my MSN contacts. It is very straightforward to use and it can be quite fun. I can see who is online immediately once I have logged onto my PC, and can start chatting to them instantly if I want to. I can also change the status of my account by appearing ‘online’, ‘away’ or ‘invisible’.

-Margaret Ekpo