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Volume One, 2007

BG archive


Martyn Housden, 'Ethical Drift. Ewald Ammende, the Congress of European Nationalities and the Rise of German National Socialism'

Frank Nesemann, Leo Motzkin (1867-1933). Zionist Engagement and Minority Diplomacy'

Joachim Tauber: Jews. Your History on Lithuanian Soil is over! Lithuania and the Holocaust in 1941'

Doreen Kotroczo: British Foreign Policy and the Hungarian Question 1848-1867

Thomas Lane: Integrating East Central Europe: Polish-Czechoslovak Plans and the  Polish-Czechoslovak Plans and the Opposition of the Great Powers, 1939-1945

History and Philosophy of Science

Friedel Weinert: Why Copernicus was not a Scientific Revolutionary

Contemporary Views

Tom Gallagher: Letter from Bucharest

Cosmina Tanasoiu and Robert Philips Jr: Bulgaria's Relations with the European UBulgaria's Relations with the European U‌nion Pre and Post-Accession Jitters'

Leonidas Donskis: Who defines whom? And who answers the cursed questions? A personal perspective on identity issues in present day Lithuania'


John Hiden, Paul Schiemann and The New Nationalist Wave.." Context and Interpretation'

Review Articles

Antonia Young,'Kosovo/a's Current Situation'


Carole Fink, Defending the Rights of OthersThe Great Powers, the Jews and International Minority Protection, 1878-1938. CUP, 2004. (John Hiden)

Anna Di Lellio (ed.), The Case for Kosova: Passage to Independence. London and New York: Anthem Press, 2006. (Antonia Young)

Tammo Luther, Volkstumspolitik des Deutschen Reiches 1933-1938.. Die Auslanddeutschen zwischen Traditionalisten und Nationalsozialisten. Franz Steiner Verlag, 2004. (John Hiden)

Yves Plasseraud, Les États Baltiques des Sociétès Gigognes. Brest: Armeline, 2006. (Martyn Housden)