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Volume 2: 2008

wilde 007


Darius Staliunas, Assimilation or Acculturation, 'Assimilation or Acculturation? Russian Imperial Policy Toward Lithuanians in the 1860s'

Contemporary History

Barbara Curylo, 'Two Europes. An Analysis of the Multi-Level Accession Negotiations between Poland and the European Union'


Bernhardine Pejovic, 'Armenia and the League of Nations: Documentation from the United Nations Library, Geneva; League of Nations Archives Collections'


Antonia Young,'Kosovo/a's Current Situation', 'Establishing the Balkans Peace Park (Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo/a). Overcoming Conflicts through Negotiation on Cross-border Environmental Protection'

New researchers

Tom Junes, 'A Century of Traditions: the Polish Student Movement, 1815-1918'


John Russell, 'Zhirinovsky's NATO Lesson'


Gëzim Alpion, Encounters with Civilizations: from Alexander the Great to Mother Teresa. Meteor Books, 2008. (Antonia Young)

Katerine Carl and Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss (eds.), Lost Highways Expedition 30/7-25/8/2006. Veenman, 2007. (Antonia Young)

Robert Elsie, Historical Dictionary of Kosova. Scarecrow, 2004. (Antonia Young)

Gender Alliance for Development Center, To be a Albania after 1990. Tirana, 2007. (Antonia Young)

John Laughland, Travesty. The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic and the Corruption of International Justice. Pluto Press, 2007. (Martyn Housden)

Alfred Senn, Lithuania 1940: Revolution from Above. Rodopi, 2007. (Thomas Lane)

Darius Stalinas (making Russians), Making Russians. Meaning and Practice in Russification in Lithuania and Belarus after 1863. Rodopi, 2007. (Martyn Housden)

Robert DiSalle, Understanding Space-Time. CUP, 2006. (Friedel Weinert)

Corinne Unger, Ostforschung in Westdeutschland. Franz Steiner, 2007. (John Hiden)