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Volume 4: 2010



Anna Vershick, 'The Jewish Lithuanian Periodical Apzvalga (1935-1940). Towards a New Cultural Polysystem'

Susanne Kranz, 'Rhetoric versus Activism: Autonomous and Party-Affiliated Women's Organisations in East Germany'

Review Article

Antonia Young DUBRAVKA UGRE¿IC: AN AUTHOR IN SELF-IMPOSED EXILE, 'Dubravka Ugresic: an Author in Self-Imposed Exile'

From a New Researcher

Edita Gzoyan, The Question of Admitting Armenia to the League of Nations


Orlando Figes, The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia. Penguin, 2008. (John Russell)

Neil Gregor, Haunted City. Nuremberg and the Nazi Past. Yale, 2008. (Martyn Housden)

Todd Herzog, Crime Stories. Criminalistic Fantasy and the Culture of Crisis in Weimar Germany. Berghahn, 2009. (John Hiden)

Fatos Lubonja - Second Sentence: Inside the Albanian Gulag, Second Sentence: Inside the Albanian Gulag. I.B. Tauris, 2009. (Antonia Young)

Robert E. Niebuhr (ed.), When East Met West:, When East met West: World History through Travelers' Perspectives. Trebarwyth Press, 2010. (Antonia Young)

Dennison Rusinow , Oblique Insights and Observations. Edited by Gale Stoke. University of Pittsburg, 2008. (Antonia Young)