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Sustainable Societies

A webinar by Jane Booth: Thursday 18th February 2016

Jane Booth held a special webinar focusing on sustainable societies, one of the key research areas for the Faculty of Social Sciences. The webinar looked at the value of studying social science in the contemporary world.

Child poverty, terrorism, migration, austerity, the ageing population, and many more social, economic and political ‘problems’ we hear about in the news relate to how our world is organized, and these problems come down to how sustainable current economic, political and social practices are.  Sustainability does not just relate to the environment, although that is part of it. It relates to the uneven distribution of resources across the planet. These resources include political power and wealth. 

Watch the full recording

You can watch a full recording of the webinar, including video and the full Q&A session at the end by clicking the link above, downloading and running the Blackboard Collaborate helper tool, and following the instructions.

Alternatively, you can watch an audio recording of the webinar as a Youtube video below, which includes just the presentation slides.