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Peace Studies and International Development

Last year the Division of Peace Studies and the Bradford Centre for International Development have joined together to form a new Division of Peace Studies and International Development within the Faculty of Social Sciences.

In so doing we bring 40 years of expertise in the study of peace and conflict in the oldest Peace Studies teaching department in the world together with a dynamic International Development teaching, research and knowledge transfer programme with ongoing projects and partnerships with international development agencies across the world.

Critical scholarship and hands-on expertise

The new Division is developing new areas of research, teaching and policy work at the intersection between peace work and development.

At the same time we have retained the commitment to critical scholarship in areas such as non-violent action and the causes of war that has characterised Peace Studies, and the hand-on expertise in project management and development finance for which the Bradford Centre for International Development is internationally recognised.

Worldwide network

What both partners in the new division share is a network of current and past students that span the world in terms of their countries of origin and destinations after their studies.

We have students of over 50 nationalities, and our alumni and staff work in every continent, trying to make a difference.

For example, one of our graduates, Dr Saeb Muhammad Salih Erekat, is currently a member of the Palestinian parliament and is Chief Palestinian Negotiator in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Unparallelled experience

Our alumni end up working in the most diverse places - in the military, in the United Nations, in NGOs both local and global, in education, journalism and government.

Many of our students, particularly at Master's level, come to us with significant experience already in these fields.

We also have a very active knowledge transfer programme working directly with organisations such as the African Development Bank, the Ministry of Defence and the China Development Bank to train their staff either at the agency headquarters or here in Bradford.

The chance to meet people of different backgrounds and experience is unparalleled and makes for a very rich learning environment.

World rankings

In 2016, our department appeared amongst the top 100 departments for Development Studies and the top 200 departments Politics departments globally in the QS World University Rankings.

If you are looking for a challenging, innovative and interdisciplinary degree in politics, international relations, history, security studies, peace studies, development, or a combination of these, in a centre of excellence devoted to research and policy work relating to the most challenging peace and development issues of our time then you have come to the right place.