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A Global Reach

Students from more than 120 countries have studied at Bradford and the Centre for International Development has over 40 years of experience in teaching and research in development studies. The Centre continues to deliver leadership, management and project planning courses to governments and organisations around the globe. 

MSc degrees for the Aga Khan Foundation Staff

Between 2004 and 2009, The Centre for International Development at the University of Bradford was contracted by the Aga Khan Development Network of the the Aga Khan Foundation to deliver its MSc programme for their staff in the Gorno Badakh-shan region in the Pamirs in Tajikistan. The programme was delivered by Prof Tom Franks, Dr PB Anand, Dr B Morvaridi, Dr Anna Mdee and Prof Farhad Analoui. The programme has been successfully completed by 15 staff members who are now in senior positions and a proposal is now under consideration for delivering an MSc based on Bradford modules for the staff of the Aga Khan Foundation in Afghanistan and other fragile states. 

Capacity Building for the African Development Bank

In 2009, the Centre for International Development was contracted by the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Tunis to deliver a series of modules to young professionals in the bank, leading to a Postgraduate Certificate in Investment Appraisal and Project Management. The programme was delivered in Tunis and provide an advanced course of study with a focus on developing strong theoretical, technical and analytical skills through a combination of lectures and detailed case study work. The programme has trained a total of 80 young professionals and was led by Patrick Ryan, with key inputs from a range of Centre of Development staff including Prof J Cusworth, Dr PB Anand, Dr David Potts, Dr J Lawler and Prof John Weiss.

China Development Bank Programme

Between 2007 and 2013, the Centre for International Development was commissioned by the China Development Bank to deliver nine short courses: seven of these related to project appraisal and two related to doing business in Africa. Each course was delivered to a cohort of 25 senior executives of the Bank. The programme was led by Dr PB Anand and supported by Prof J Weiss, Dr D Potts and Linda Bower. The University worked closely with Barclays and staff at Cambridge University, HM Treasury, Lloyds of London, London Mayor's Office. DFID and Parliament.

Developing Leadership and Management in Bangladesh

The Centre for International Development was contracted in 2008 to deliver a six week programme for 20 senior Bangladesh Civil Service Officers, sponsored by DfID, the Government of Bangladesh, and the British Council. Due to the Success of this programme, the Centre ran a further seven programmes and a total of 159 participants completed the programmes by 2012. Dr J Lawler and Dr R Espindola delivered the programmes. Participants worked in groups on a range of improvement projects with aims of innovation, inclusivity and service improvement.

Leadership of HE Institutions in Pakistan

The Centre for International Development was commissioned by the British Council to design and deliver a leadership and HR development programme for registrars in Pakistan Universities. This was successfully delivered by Prof F Anouli and Dr J Lawler in November 2012 with subsequent requests to provide similar programmes for vice chancellors in Pakistan Universities.

Bradford Degrees Delivered by the Mzumbe University in Tanzania

The Centre for International Development has a history of collaboration with Mzumbe University (formerly the Institute of Development Management) since the late 1970s, initially in relation to training of staff and conduct of short post-experience courses, but subsequently also involving consultancy and research.

In 2010 a collaborative programme was established through which Mzumbe University staff deliver two new part-time MSc degrees based on University of Bradford programmes. The first graduation took place in December 2012 in Mzumbe University's graduation ceremony in Dar es Salaam and Dr DJ Potts, Mzumbe Programme Coordinator represented the University. the programme is due to continue until 2016.