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Development Working Paper Series

The Development Working Paper Series for academics provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and debate across disciplines.

The aim of the series is to be interdisciplinary and articles which discuss current development issues from across the social sciences are welcome, as are articles that have research impacts, including case studies that make a broader contribution to economy and society.

The papers will be published on line and they will be distributed to more than 100 academic and non-academic institutions. The papers will also be held in the Bradford Scholars' repository.

Manuscripts should be sent in the first instance to the Editor (Dr Rashmi Arora: for review.

Manuscripts should conform to the house-style, as follows:

  • Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced on one side of  paper only, not exceeding 7000 words and the minimum of 4000 words. Papers format should be in Word.
  • A cover paper should give the title of the paper, author’s name and in the case of co-authors, names, affiliation and addresses should be given. Acknowledgments should be footnoted in the footnote section at the end of the paper.
  • The first page of the text should begin with the title (and subtitle, if any), author’s name, followed by a maximum 300 word abstract and 3-6 keywords.
  • Tables and footnotes should be supplied on separate sheets, grouped at the end of the text, after the references. Each table should be numbered and titled, and relevant to the text. Footnotes should be avoided where possible, and if used they should be numbered consecutively.
  • Citations should follow the Harvard System.

If you have any questions, please contact

Working papers

Efficiency and Road Quality: Kifle BCID WP-1 (PDF)

Banking in the Shadows
Banking in the Shadows
Globally shadow banking has increased significantly in the recent years. Although in the developed economies such as the US, shadow banks are quite complex and play a bigger role, it is increasing rapidly in the emerging economies as well. There are now increasing concerns on the rise of shadow banking, especially in China and India.
Download Banking in the Shadows
(PDF, 11kb)