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America and Islamic State: mission creeping?

Published: Thu 21 Aug 2014
America and Islamic State: mission creeping?

The United States is increasing support of its Iraqi and Kurdish allies and escalating attacks on its jihadist enemies. Islamic State's long-term plan, though, remains on track.

Article on Open Democracy website by Paul Rogers 21 August 2014

When President Obama authorised the use of United States air-power against Islamic State (IS) forces on 7 August 2014, there were just two stated purposes: to protect refugees, especially the Yazidi, and to counter any IS move towards the Kurdish regional capital of Irbil, the argument being that it was necessary to protect US personnel based in that city.

By that time there were reported to be around 1,000 US military deployed to Iraq because of the crisis, They joined US citizens already in the countryemployed in diplomatic, military-training or private-security roles, though it is hard to estimate the exact number (see "Islamic State, Iraq, America: a new front", 14 August 2014).  

In the first few days of the air-strikes, few targets were hit, mainly IS artillery and logistics support that was considered too close to Irbil. There was some irony in this, since much of the IS equipment was American and had been seized by IS from Iraqi army bases in and around Mosul. It was, at least, good news for US defence companies, with their weapons being used by the US navy to destroy their weapons: a truly win-win situation, profit-wise.

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