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Peace studies academic's book "best non-fiction book in 21 years"

Published: Mon 14 Apr 2014
Peace studies academic's book "best non-fiction book in 21 years"

Peace Studies Professor Paul Rogers' book 'Losing Control' has been listed by the Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) as the best non-fiction book published in the past 21 years.

Stuart Parkinson, writing in the SGR Newsletter said: "you will not find a more insightful and accessible analysis of the security challenges that the world currently faces. The book starts by delving into the Cold War, assessing military and security strategies and policies during this period. Drawing on government documents and academic studies, it details just how close we came to nuclear armageddon as military leaders, in both the East and the West, seriously contemplated how they could try to 'win' a nuclear war. It then tracks how security policies since 1990 have evolved, with military thinking remaining dominant. While the 'dragon' of the Soviet Union had been 'slain', it was argued the West now faced 'a jungle full of poisonous snakes'. The first edition of this book was published in 2000, and Rogers warned then that if the West didn't take action to tackle the roots of conflict – especially the unfair economic system, rapidly growing environmental problems, and the spread of weapons – insurgencies and terrorism would likely grow. The September 11th attacks happened just a year after the book was published. The book is now in its third edition (published in 2010) and, in new chapters, Rogers argues that the militaristic mindset – demonstrated so clearly by the 'War on Terror' – is still dominant. We urgently need to change course if we are to have any hope of improving global security."

Read the full article in the SGR Newsletter Autumn 2013‌ (90kb PDF)

Scientists for Global Responsibility is the main UK science and technology society working in the field of the ethics of conflict, security and environmental issues. It was founded 21 years ago, hence the publication of the anniversary list.

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