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Technology for International Development

Published: Mon 24 Mar 2014

'Big data-what is it?' by Professor Daniel Neagu, School of Engineering and Informatics and 'From being a student to actually managing a project- some reflections' by Imran Hafeez

On 11th March a special programme of two seminars had been arranged in the Bradford Centre for International Development in the School of Social and International Studies at the University of Bradford.

219 x 300 The first one was given by Professor Daniel Neagu from the School of Engineering and Informatics on 'Big data- what is it? What are the governance and policy issues?' In this seminar, Professor Neagu aimed to provide an overview of big data, how it is opening up new insights into consumer behaviour and at the same time how it is creating important policy and governance issues regarding ownership, privacy and targeting.

The seminar was well attended and generated food for thought.

After a short coffee break the second speaker followed. 

The second seminar was a reflective discussion by Imran Hafeez and titled 'from being a student to actually managing a literacy project'. Imran is an alumnus having previously studied on our MA in international development management by part time. He has been managing a large project to promote improve literacy attainment in primary Schools in Bradford and in this seminar he is interested in critically reflecting on the project and the way forward.

A practical game was embedded in his seminar which helped to visualize the importance of effective co-ordination in attemps to lower literacy levels.

The participants were encouraged to support a bar reflecting the current level of illiteracy among the population.

Literacy game explanation.  

The aim was to lower illiteracy, i.e. lower the bar. But with everybody's support the bar was raised high. 

Literacy too high.

Through a co-ordinated effort lowering of the bar - illiteracy - was achieved.

200 x 286

Dr PB Anand on behalf of BCID said this special programme was arranged as a way to promote interaction and discussion on issues concerning technology and society as part of 'Technology for International Development' [T4ID] theme of discussions.

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