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The Rotary Peace Centre

at the University of Bradford

The University of Bradford Rotary Peace Centre

The Rotary Peace Centre hosts and supports ten fully-funded MA Rotary Peace Fellows from around the world each year and is based in the Division of Peace Studies and International Development (PSID) at the University of Bradford. The Centre was established in 2002 as a founding member of the Rotary Peace Centres network. There are five additional Rotary Peace Centres at the University of North Carolina-Duke University (USA), University of Queensland (Australia), International Christian University (Japan), Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), and Uppsala University (Sweden). Since 2002, the Rotary Foundation has invested more than $150 million (USD) in the global Rotary Peace Fellowship programme. The six Rotary Peace Centres have collectively trained over 1,100 Rotary Peace Fellows.

Rotary Peace Fellows

Rotary Peace Fellows are selected through a highly-competitive international process. The Bradford Rotary Peace Centre is the most competitive placement site and receives more applications than any other Rotary Peace Centre in the world. Bradford Peace Fellows must have several years of professional experience, an excellent academic record, and show an ability to have a significant, positive impact on world peace and conflict resolution in their future careers. Rotary Peace Fellows at Bradford are supported by the fellowship for the 15-month duration of the programme, starting in September and ending in December of the following year. The fellowship includes full-funding for tuition, living expenses, Applied Field Experiences, and travel costs.The Rotary Peace Centre organizes and facilitates a variety of opportunities, workshops, conferences, and trips for the Peace Fellows throughout the year to bolster their learning experience and professional development.

Bradford Rotary Peace Centre Annual Report Download Bradford Rotary Peace Centre Annual Report
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