Rita Lopida

Rotary Peace Fellow 2015-16, class XIV: Sudan

My name is Rita M. Lopidia and I am a South Sudanese. I was born during the Sudan Civil war and grew up between South Sudan and Sudan. I graduated from Juba University; College of Applied and Industrial Science in Khartoum – Sudan.

I consider myself privileged to have finished my first degree, as it was a long journey with lots of challenges that included being subjected to discrimination. What kept me in school was my determination and a dream of being different and making a difference and I knew that to realize my dream, I had to make it through school.

I am currently the Executive Director and Co-founder of EVE Organization for Women Development; a dynamic and one of the most recognized South Sudan National Organization which address issues of Women and Peace and Security in the light of the United Nations Resolution UNSCR 1325 in South Sudan. This has exposed me Nationally, Regionally and Internationally as an expert in women, peace and Security issues. I am also engaged as a delegate of women CSOs at the IGAD-Led South Sudan Peace process.

This exposure had drawn me to think bigger and want to understand international dynamics of politics and security in order to bring it down to address gender inequality. I am a very dedicated and detailed person and have the character to succeed. I have both an intellectually curious mind and a diplomatic yet sharp nature of approach, which keeps me motivated. 

I believe that if I couple my experience with some solid studies on International Politics and Security, I will equip myself with skills that will help me effectively contribute to addressing the challenges of peace, conflict resolution, and security that people in my country face more effectively.