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The Rotary Peace Fellows Blog

2018 Study Visit to Northern Ireland

A post by Professor Donna Pankhurst - Professor of Peacebuilding & Development, University of Bradford. With eighteen postgraduate students hailing from seventeen countries, our group made quite an impression on some of our hosts. All had an interest in, if not actual experience of, what happens to societies after the official ending of a conflict.

Conflict Sensitivity Training: Making Knowledge Work

A post by Will McInerney - Bradford Rotary Peace Fellow 2016-17 class XV and Rotary Liaison Officer. Forty University of Bradford Peace Studies and International Development students, including the Class XVI Rotary Peace Fellows, took part in an all-day immersive Conflict Sensitivity Professional Development Training Course with renowned scholar-practitioner, Professor Owen Greene.

A Journey to the Hawassa Industrial Park

Industrial parks have become some kind of theme throughout the 2-week study trip to Ethiopia in our small but diverse and humorous group of 10 University of Bradford students. It all began one night in the first week of the trip with a Japanese fellow student carefully voicing his reservations about the planned trip to the Hawassa Industrial Park that weekend.

Living History - From Brazil to Ethiopia

This February, I had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia as a student enrolled in the Africa Study Visit module, which is part of my master's program at the University of Bradford. Accompanied by seven other students, including Rotary Peace Fellow - Lydia Kröeger - I stayed in Addis Ababa for two weeks, leaving only one weekend for a visit to the city of Hawassa. 

Distinct and Identical: A Reflection on the WWI Centenary

A post by Will McInerney - In the midst of the WWI Centenary, Bradford Rotary Peace Fellows embarked on a journey to France and Belgium this past week to learn about the impact of The Great War and to examine the many ways the conflict is memorialized.

Peace Fellows Travel to The Hague with University of Bradford Study Visit

A post by Natalia Gutierrez Trujillo - Bradford Rotary Peace Fellow 2017-18, class XVI. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons In January 2018, two Rotary Peace Fellows, Natalia Gutierrez Trujillo (the author of this post) and Melody Musser, joined their Bradford Peace Studies and International Development colleagues on a wonderful opportunity to travel to The Hague-Netherlands in a study visit with the University.

Rotary Peace Fellows from Bradford and Uppsala Unite in Oslo

A post by Kate Keator - Bradford Rotary Peace Fellow 2017-18, class XVI. Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs From 18-21 January 2018 the Bradford Rotary Peace Fellows joined with the Uppsala Rotary Peace Fellows in a visit to Oslo, Norway and its peace-focused institutions, hosted by the Norwegian Rotary International District 2310.

A Peace Fellow's Reflections on the 2017 Rotary International Convention: Part 3

Part 3: Rotary International Convention By the time the Peace Assembly and the Presidential Peace Conference were over, I felt like I was getting the hang of things and was ready to be an Ambassador for the Rotary Peace Fellowship at the Rotary International Convention.

A Peace Fellow's Reflections on the 2017 Rotary International Convention: Part 2

The Presidential Peace Conference A post by Zach Tilton The stories we shared during the Peace Assembly prepared the ground for ideas to take root and develop throughout the next event in my Rotary Convention Triple Crown, the Presidential Peace Conference , where the intimate group of 90 or so Rotary Fellows and Rotarians from the Peace Assembly would grow to around 1500 Rotarians and friends.

A Peace Fellow's Reflections on the 2017 Rotary International Convention: Part 1

I was lost and ambling in one of the massive concourses of the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, home of the 2017 Rotary International Convention. I happened to be looking for the Rotary Peace Assembly, one of the pre-convention events that would bring together past and present Rotary Peace Fellows and Rotarians to learn, collaborate, and strengthen each other's work in the field of peacebuilding and conflict response.

AFE: Annelies Hickendorff - SIPRI - Mali Civil Society and Peacebuilding Project

The current DDR programme does not sufficiently take into account the causes of the violence. While it is traditionally assumed that Mali's jihadists are motivated by religion, Islamist violence should not be delinked from other forms of political violence as it is inherently connected to issues of resentment, political or economic exclusion, and takes root in localized conflict dynamics.

 Towards a subjective understanding of peace

By Roberta Holanda Maschietto* Peace has become such a common theme in the international agenda that its meaning is often taken for granted.

Drone attacks in the movies and in real life

By Roberta Holanda Maschietto* Last week the event "Media and Conflict Interchange", which took place at the University of Bradford between 17-20 October, was closed with the screening of the 2015 movie Eye in the Sky .

North-South Peace Studies

By Roberta Holanda Maschietto* One of the features of Peace Studies is that it is a field of study that has been developed and consolidated mostly in Europe and North America. This characteristic has led many to criticise what is perceived as a Eurocentric view of peace and conflict.

My Applied Field Experience in Cairo

I am currently in Cairo, Egypt for my Applied Field Experience (AFE) which is a two-month research project, internship, or other professional activity which Rotary requires of the Peace Fellows to gain exposure into the field of conflict and peace.

Where is home?

Where is home is not a question that comes up often as does where do you come from. My experience on when someone asks you about where you come from, they most of the time want to hear your country of origin and if you are in the same country, probably they want to know your ethnic group.

A tribute to my late Rotary host, Rodger Percival

Keep smiling The girl from Kenya as you referred to me while you introduced me to everybody you met in the shops. Do you know this girl? She came all the way from Kenya, she just arrived, and can you find a sim card that can work for her?

Bread for lunch/dinner?

My first time in a Western country has been awesome. First the reception from my host family, Rodger (now deceased) and Ann Percival as well as the host family of my housemate has been priceless. The idea of having a home in a foreign country that you can visit and someone you can call and talk about anything is priceless.

Rotary Peace Fellow Experiences in Bradford

"Be the change you want to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi) I applied for the Rotary Peace fellowship in 2014, and I was selected to complete my Master's degree in the University of Bradford. I came to Bradford last September along with other nine peace fellows to complete our studies.

Rotary Foundation Peace Seminar

The Rotary Peace Centre will be hosting the 2015 Peace Seminar on Saturday 31st October, at the University of Bradford. The seminar, which is free to students, will take place in the Great Hall. &n...