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Student community

As a PSID student you will join a diverse and vibrant community of undergraduate and postgraduate students drawn from all over the world.

Our current MA cohort for example, includes students from 30 countries. This means you will learn as much about the world from your fellow students as you will from us.

In addition, we employ a Student Liaison Officer who not only organises a range of study visits and external speakers but a wide range of student social events for those times when you need a break from study.

There is a thriving Peace Society that also runs its own programmes of events, debates and social events and you will have an opportunity to join our student football team and take part in the annual Peace v War football match where our students and students from the Department of War Studies at King’s College in London compete for the Tolstoy Cup.

Even after you leave us, our Careers and Alumni Officer will ensure you remain connected with us our global network of alumni.