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Students love statistics so much they bought the T shirt!

Published: Wed 26 Mar 2014
Students love statistics so much they bought the T shirt!

Psychology students at the University of Bradford have developed such a love of statistics, they've got themselves the T shirt. Statistics, not widely regarded by many students as a favourite part of their course is enjoying unprecedented popularity in Dr Eleanor Bryant's lectures.

Kostas, a psychology ambassador said: “After having a personal tutorial session with Eleanor, we started to discuss how we could promote the subject and inspire both new and existing students to enjoy what’s perceived as one of the less exciting areas of the course. Then I remembered a t-shirt that I had once seen Dr Bryant wearing and I was hit with an idea. I decided to get one myself and encourage other people on my course to do the same. Some people bought them, whilst others made them.

Psychology students love stats 1

“I am hoping to not only show potential students how fun studying at Bradford can be, but also lift spirits and create a positive atmosphere for current students. I promoted the event on Facebook and encouraged everyone to wear them in our lecture. Eleanor is a huge inspiration to us and has made us love this module by making it fun, by wearing these t-shirts hopefully we can share this love of stats across the University. May the stats be with you!”

psychology t shirt Dr Eleanor Bryant said: “Often Statistics can be one area that psychology students don't like and are scared of, but in this case this group of students enjoy stats and have decided to shout about it. I think this is a fantastic idea that will hopefully inspire more applicants at open days and raise morale in lectures. I am very proud of the students for coming up with this unique and fun idea.”‌

Psychology programmes at the University of Bradford are accredited by the British Psychological Society and feature outsanding facilities and a strong, research-led environment, with students grading the programme with an 87% satisfaction rate according to Unistats (external site)

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