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Workshops, Conferences and Presentations

Presentation Series

The Presentation series provides a relatively intimate forum for research students and staff to present papers about their research, both on-going and complete. Generally presenters give a paper which lasts about 20 minutes and is followed by extended discussion. Typically between 5 and 10 people attend to hear the presentation which means that everyone has a chance to chase through topics that interest them, as opposed to simply asking a ‘one-off’ question. 

Presentations would be particularly welcome from students who are just returning from fieldwork, who are preparing for a viva or who are looking for evidence to support their Progression to PhD status. Any presentations from staff are always welcome and have included a fine array of topics so far.  Recently, for instance, the talks were:

  • Investigations into the 'Extreme Female Brain';
  • Intersectionality and Identity: considerations in researching sexuality and religion
  • The (pro-Kurdish) People’s Democratic Party and its ‘Democratic Autonomy’ project for Turkey.
  • Identity Politics and the Settler-Indigene Conflict in Jos, Nigeria: Implications for Emerging Democracies.
  • Causes of Mexico's conflict: A review of the literature
  • Feeling Smart: Why our emotions are more rational than we think;

If you would like to give a paper, or if you are a supervisor who would like to recommend a student to give a paper, please send an email to Dr Clare Beckett (DPGR) -