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SSIS has delivered projects across an extensive range subjects, sectors and regions, both locally and internationally.  These are summarised below:

Peace Studies Peace-building and peace processes
Security and justice sector reform
Conflict resolution
Post-conflict peace-building
Conflict reduction and prevention and conflict-sensitive development
Conflict, gender and peace building
International and regional negotiation and co-operation
Causes of terrorism and responses
Bio security and controls on sensitive technologies
Political violence
Civil society development and community co-operation
United Nations peace support operations.
Security Sector Reforms
Peace building, war economies and arms control
Human rights, nanotechnology, bioethics.
Dialogue and deliberation, mediation processes
Bradford Centre for International Development (BCID)

Project planning and investment appraisal
Project cycle management
Project monitoring and evaluation
Public sector reform
Public action: civil society, government and private sector
Accountability and innovations in public service delivery
Sustainability and environmental governance
Macro-economic policy reform
Development finance
Economic reform and development
Development management
Capacity building

Applied Criminal Justice Children and young people’s participation
Families, parenting, work-life balance
Criminal justice, probation, diversity, negotiating identity
Public, Administrative, Criminal and European Law
Geographies of crime, insecurity and fear; public reassurance, anti-social behaviour and community safety; Racially-motivated offending
Work placement planning and management
Race, ethnicity, multiculturalism, community cohesion, Islam, South Asia, Forced Marriage
Migration: especially focused on refugee studies
History of Central and Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century, including the Holocaust, the League of Nations, History of Refugees and National Minorities.
Disability, identity and social policy
Risk and risk assessment
Sexual orientation
The relations between gender, violence and representation in French fiction and film
Social Work Place in Social Work, organisational structures in social care
Religion and belief, improving practice in care homes
Religion and belief, child care practice – sexual abuse
Vulnerable adults
Socio-legal, safeguarding children
Mental health, inter-professional working, evaluation including user involvement and participatory research
User participation in evaluation of health and social care initiatives, social care and Housing
Parenting, working with children and families, widening participation
Practice education 

Quantitative and qualitative methodology and analysis
Applied Health Psychology
Applied Social Psychology
Body Image
Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, ageing
Decision making
Developmental Cognitive Psychology
Diversity and prisons
Eating behaviour traits, biopsychology, obesity and weight management
Forensic psychology, women's mental health, female violence, self-harm
Parenthood, breastfeeding
Social norms based behaviour change strategies
Substance misuse
Work-Life Balance


Agency working
Consumption, lifestyle, culture and behaviour
Corruption and anti-corruption policy
Dynamics of technical and occupational change
European economic and political integration
Foreign direct investment
Foreign direct investment and economic growth
Institutional impact on economic performance
Interrelationship between trade and growth
Job satisfaction, employee involvement and progressive management
Labour market flexibility
Occupational change and the future of work
Progressive economic policy
Regional trade agreements
Relationship between Britain and the European Union
Transition of Central and Eastern Europe
Transport economics
Well-being in regions
Working time, productivity and pay