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British Muslim Politics

Published: Tue 16 Jun 2015

This lecture by Parveen Akhtar on Thursday 30th April 2015, focuses on the electoral strategies of Muslim parliamentarians and aspiring politicians, in particular how they attempt to mobilise both the Muslim and mainstream vote.


Whilst it is the case that political parties have been set up exclusively to represent Muslims, they have had limited electoral impact. The failure of mobilizing the Muslim vote for an Islamic political party in the UK reflects, to a large extent, the lack of a coherent Muslim voice and agenda, but also a desire to work within the British political system.

Dr Parveen Akhtar

Parveen Akhtar lectures in the Division of Sociology and Criminology and specialises in the research areas of political participations, British muslims, minority politics, biraderi, super-diversity and religious mobilisations.